Is playing poker in online casinos the real thing?



Poker is such a pop culture phenomenon that everybody, whether they have played themselves or not, has at least an inkling how it works and what the game entails. From James Bond to Ocean’s Eleven, a casino always seems to make for a great and exciting background location and if a game of high stakes poker is thrown in there – well, all the better!

Nowadays, online casinos offer the poker experience as well. Be it in the form of video poker against a random number generator or in a live casino with real dealers and real opponents. Websites like offer massive lists of reputable online casinos that claim to offer you the real casino experience, but is that even possible?

Video Poker or Live Casino experience

Playing poker at an online casino gives you a ton of options. The easiest entry point might be the table games section where vast numbers of video poker games await. Those machines basically work like a video slot where players make their bet, get dealt five cards and can decide on which cards to keep and which ones to swap if any, before they’re dealt a second time.

Depending on the five cards they end up with, a multiplier of the initial bet is payed out. Those types of games are fast, easy to grasp and don’t need any kind of bluffing, just a bit of strategic thinking when it comes to the decision which cards to keep and which cards to swap.

If a player wants the real poker experience, there’s always the live casino where real dealers live stream their play directly to the players’ computer, phone or tablet. This is the real and proper game. Antes are being paid, there’s flops, turns and rivers and real opponents.

And even though, no one can see the glee in a player’s eyes when he is dealt a formidable hand or the devastation at a horrible one, there is still the same strategy of bluffing, calling and raising as you’d see at an actual casino.

How to use the online casino experience to your advantage

But playing at an online casino is decidedly not the same as playing at a land-based casino. For starters, you get to practice for free at an online casino. You can take all the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and get acquainted with the value of each hand.

But the most enticing part of playing at an online casino might be the possibility of taking advantage of ever more generous bonus offers. Most online casinos have special welcome offers that try to lure new players in and some of them can even be used in the live casino.

So, if a player decides to register at an online casino that offers such a bonus, they can oftentimes double their first deposit and enjoy a bigger starting budget to play poker – and what’s not to love about that?

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor