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LeBron James, Tom Brady, Lionel Messi. What do all of these top athletes have in common? God given talent, yes, but each of these sports stars has also trained harder than any of their competitors in order to reach the pinnacle of their profession. Poker players are no different. Take a look at the podium for this year’s World Championship of Poker and you will, of course, find a lot of talent.

However, you will also find an incredible level of hard work and dedication. These top pros have access to great training materials for poker players but it may surprise you to learn that you do as well. Read on to find out where you can find the best training resources on the internet where players are playing real money poker on Android devices and honing their skills.

 Bluff the Spot

We absolutely love Bluff the Spot. It has helped us take our game to new heights with very little time commitment. The company is headed up by MMASherdog – one of the top poker players in the world – and they published loads of free content on their YouTube channel.

One of our favorite things about Bluff the Spot is that they host a Q&A regularly where viewers can ask for specific advice on their game. In this way, their tips can be tailored to you, much like an athlete has their own personalzed training plan.

 Upswing Poker

Another one of our YouTube favorites, Upswing Poker offers a varied and detailed portfolio of training resources. Headed up by a team of top poker players on the circuit, advice for Heads Up poker, Texas Hold’em and much more are all available at your fingertips.

We particularly enjoyed their 2018 video entitled: Bluffing in Poker explained. It may seem like an overly simplistic topic, but we still picked up a thing or two from the video which we immediately implemented into our playing to great success.

If you are a complete poker novice, your first port of call should be The resources on this site will help you the basics of the game so you can get playing as soon as possible.

Once you have the bread and butter stuff nailed, the site also includes more advanced tips. All of the company’s guides are super simple to read and assume that the player has no prior understanding. As we say, perfect for improving novice players.

Run it Once

If you have exhausted the Internet’s extensive list of free training resources and want to start investing in your poker future, RunItOnce is a good option. Although you can get started for free, the real juicy bits of information are hidden behind a paywall.

It is definitely worth investing in their training programs if you are serious about improving your game. New premium content from some of the best players in the world is dropped every single day, including play by play breakdowns of close matches, practical playing tips and so much more. Don’t be put off by the price tag, this is the go-to place for premium poker tips.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor