Simple Tips to Drive Your Success in Online Poker Tournaments



Playing a strategic game like poker from the comfort of your own home can make for an exciting change and be much more convenient than visiting a land-based casino. As more and more people take to the internet to play this beloved game, what are some things you should keep in mind to succeed at this new venture? Below we’ll look at a few simple and practical tips that will help you to enjoy and succeed in poker tournaments online.

Create an at-home environment with limited distractions

Poker is considered a game of strategy, much like chess, which always involves deep thought and concentration. In order to maximize your gameplay, be sure to create an environment that is going to limit outside distractions. Utilize comfortable chairs and laptop stands if needed, or even multiple screens if that’s normally how you work. Your phone should be kept on silent and all other tabs from the internet browser should be closed while you’re playing. Muting or temporarily silencing notifications on all of your devices will help you to keep your eyes on the screen, alert and ready, paying attention to every move and thinking about the moves you need to make. To make this possible, tell people in advance that you’ll be engaged in a game during a certain time and you’ll get back to them afterwards or as soon as possible. You could even make use of a meal plan; ordering or preparing food in advance to maximize game time is more helpful than you may realize when you’re in the crux of a tournament.

Understand the online interface you will be working with  

It is a myth that only the technologically advanced can succeed at the variety of casino games offered on the world wide web. Even with limited knowledge of computers you can succeed at your first online poker tournament if you are familiar with the specific site you are using to play. With this under your belt and a general understanding of how to play poker, you will feel much more confident during your first online experience. As there are many websites out there which will each differ according to what they offer, it’s important to spend some time on the interface you have chosen, understanding where specific buttons are located, which features you will need to use and which you won’t, and especially things like the site’s lobby, cashier page, help desk, and betting options.

Begin with a single-table

Although many people you know may be playing multi-table poker games online, it is important, especially for beginners, to begin with single-table games and work your way up. Learning the technicalities of the game while navigating through an online environment can be tricky if you’re doing it all for the first time. Learning to succeed in a consistent manner is vital and, after you’ve done this a couple of times, the opportunity to play multi-table games is still there. This may be seriously hard to resist for people who have entered the online environment expressly for the unique aspect of multi-table poker that land-based casinos are unable to provide, but because practice makes perfect, it’s better to study internet poker strategies and keep playing single-table tournaments until you feel 100 percent comfortable.

Science shows that playing poker does indeed sharpen the human brain.

Take breaks to refresh

As mentioned before, poker is a game that uses a lot of your overall mental energy, naturally making you feel a bit worn out after hours of play. Especially with the growth of online poker, more and more people are staring into bright screens for solo play or competitions and this truly does change the game. If you want to dominate in online poker, its advisable that you take little breaks throughout to recharge, coming back to the computer after you feel refreshed. Poker requires logical reasoning, concentration, patience, and discipline – that’s a lot to put on one brain if you’re not even taking a single break.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor