Germany’s Changing Gambling Landscape



The German government announced some big changes to come in regulating online casinos next year. What this means is that almost all online casinos will have to adjust their offerings to get in line with the upcoming law. The changes took place on Oct. 15, meaning that the gambling companies had very little time to adjust to the new landscape. In the meantime, you can freely place your bets on this UK casino.

This move was the most crucial in aligning the German “toleration policy” to gambling. The new regime is pretty strict at the moment. However, this should make up for a positive change, splitting the serious casinos aside from the scam sites hovering around the Internet.

Big Changes on the Horizon

Most of the companies adjusting to the change will have to get a separate domain now. This means creating a “.de” domain that will align with the German policy, unlike the main current website. Additionally, another big change is that there will be a monthly deposit limit strictly imposed to all casinos. Along with that, there will be a “panic button” at every table. The good thing is that the German gamblers will be able to join the worldwide pool, and they won’t be confined to gambling just within the German borders.

The online casinos are experienced with these rules as the UK, Sweden and Denmark imposed similar laws in the past.

It should be interesting to see some individual companies’ responses to these changes. Many of these websites rely on “desperate deposits,” meaning that the gambler will deposit more and more money as he’s losing in the casino. The new law, with the deposit limits included, stop that from happening, and automatically takes away a big chunk of the casino’s income. Even though the casinos won’t like it, there’s not much they can do about it. On the other hand, the gamblers will have to think of alternatives and workarounds to place their bets as they wish.

What About the Players?

Even though it sounds counterintuitive, these changes could benefit the big gambling companies in a way. As the new laws take place, they’ll automatically wipe out the smaller online casinos relying on suspicious methods to make it all happen. This leaves a big pool of players who are looking for a change, and many big names will be happy to welcome those gamblers.

The players themselves should benefit, too. No more wasting away thousands of dollars. With the new deposit limits, especially as they can bet freely knowing their money is safe and well regulated by the country itself – a luxury not every gambler can afford.


Regulating online gambling and limiting deposits are certainly a way to go in the future of gambling. These laws should make a positive impact on the betting culture in general. Hopefully, more countries follow suit as the German model could prove to be a path for the future successes.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor