How the Face of Gambling Is Changing In The Modern World



The gambling world has changed a lot over the past few decades. With gambling steadily moving towards the digital realm, the industry has not only found a way to allow veteran players to enjoy having a “flutter” from the comfort of their own homes, but also a convenient way for the gambling novice to try their hand at any manner of games without feeling awkward in a casino, surrounded by others who seem to know the games inside out.

Many online casinos, such as Hopa Casinos Canada, have a plethora of different games available to play through a web browser or on a smartphone. The reason these types of online casinos have become so popular is not simply because of the convenience; it is that they not only provide the typical well-known casino games, but a variety of different gambling options as well as new twists on old classics.

Old games, new games, and new versions of old games

The way many modern online casinos have leveraged their advantage over physical casinos, is by the ability to try out so many new games without taking up floor space. This may sound trite, but it’s a hugely important factor when trying to understand why online casinos have become so popular. A brick-and-mortar casino doesn’t have the room to try out the weird and wonderful modern twists on old classics, and so generally keep to the usual roulette, blackjack, and slots that have served them so well in the past. Online, however, digital casinos have an infinite amount of space to try out plenty of new game types. This has led to some extremely popular new games entering the market, many of which resemble monetized versions of mobile games that, in 2020, are well known and loved by a mobile-centric populous.

Indeed, the way in which mobile gaming has influenced the online gambling industry is beginning to usher in a new era of gambling, where there was previously very little change from one decade to the next. Gaming, in general, is the reason for this, as new “recruits” to the gambling scene have grown up enjoying many of the mobile games available on Android or IOS, and as such find the barrier to entry far less imposing than that of roulette or poker. It has proved to be a great move for online casinos, as waves of new players get bigger all the time.

Tech to replicate the atmosphere of a casino

Innovation through technology doesn’t stop there. Even the more traditional gambler can find improvements in games that they are familiar with, while playing from the comfort of their own homes. If you are a roulette or poker fan, but find the idea of playing on a PC or phone to be a less than desirable experience, perhaps the advances in VR casino applications will placate your disdain. Whilst still in the early phase of implementation, VR poker promises to bring the atmosphere of real-life poker to your living room, allowing you to feel like you are in the same room as those who you are playing alongside.

If VR is a step too far for you, poker with video chat applications is already a highly popular way to play the game online, allowing you to read your opponent’s subtle body language as you would in the real world.

The variety of gaming types and options is the single most impressive aspect of the recent changes that tech has brought to the gambling world. Games are now so varied, that you can be on a train coming home from work, and find a new mobile game perfectly suited to the length of your journey, and attention span. Alternatively, you can strap yourself in for a long evening of Texas Hold’em or blackjack when at home and relaxing for the evening. With a game suited for every situation, online casinos and the gambling industry as a whole have covered all bases when it comes to the consumer, and as such we can expect the industry to go from strength to strength in the coming years.

As the VR industry matures, we can assume that this will become a larger part of the online gambling scene, along with AR, where elements of various games will be displayed in front of a player, but without the virtual backgrounds that we associate with VR games. However, the simpler, “5-minute flutter” style games are likely to see the biggest increase in player base, as their popularity is already proving to be a great draw for the newly initiated.

While there will always be the traditional gambling stalwarts, who only want to experience the original forms of gambling they have grown accustomed to over the years, the gambling industry has done what it needed to do to stay relevant, and indeed expand its horizons in the new tech-ladened world. Yes, there will always be brick-and-mortar casinos, but the new online variety is likely to become an even more dominant force for gambling in the future.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor