Wynn CEO Matt Maddox Outlines Road to Recovery



The road to recovery will be a long one. Yet, for Wynn CEO Matt Maddox, the light of the end of the tunnel is already there. As an industry insider, Maddox recently released a commentary on how Las Vegas can start seeing tourists coming back. The key to returning to normal is simple – deploying the right technical solutions, and Wynn has found them.

Las Vegas casinos have been taking a short leave of absence, but they are now returning, Maddox says. As head of Wynn, he is in a unique position to preside over that restorative move. And the move is all-inclusive, extending to casino floors, card rooms, but also bingo games and saloons. The entire Las Vegas is preparing to welcome tourists although, Maddox cautions, no expectation should be set too high.

How Is Las Vegas Recovering According to Maddox?

It’s already happening. Air traffic controllers are reporting more inbound planes, and neighboring states are sending more cars across the border. The lights in Las Vegas are on after a long mid-year slumber, and Maddox believes that things will only pick up from hereafter.

However, it’s going to take some time. Yes, numbers will grow throughout 2020, but Maddox charts an end-of-2021 recovery. With a vaccine on the way, players will be able to feel safe once again.

Maddox believes that even in the current conditions, players can already feel safe, citing Wynn’s achievement in deploying technical solutions to guarantee health and safety standards.

Wynn worked closely with scientific and technical partners to deploy a scalable testing technology that allows all bingo lovers and casino-goers to have a quick test. More importantly, Wynn can now extend thousands of tests a day, at just a fraction of the cost most PCR tests cost!

Maddox is confident that by deploying new technology, such as cashless payments, and better testing and sanitary standards, Las Vegas is ready to alleviate the fears that players have from each other and let everyone have a blast.

What Can Other Measures Be Taken to Improve the Situation?

Las Vegas, which relies on people coming physically to the city, can deploy other measures as well. For example, bingo sites are a great way to connect people without physically being there, especially now, when a number of these have promotional offers, including bingo promo codes and other. Yet, Maddox’s plan is a little different. It does foresee some online solutions to emerge, but more importantly, the executive wants to see people come back and enjoy Las Vegas in its unadulterated form.

Remote gaming options are indeed one way to approach it, but it’s far more likely for Maddox and other Las Vegas insiders to be pushing for proper health standards. Cashless payment options are also a huge help as they minimize the interaction between players and the casinos dramatically.

A player charges their account from their phone, and they come back to a casino table where the croupier can take care of everything. Vegas’ road to recovery may be long, but it’s exciting, Maddox believes.

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