White Label Solution: Is That The Best Choice?



Quite a few gamblers for whom online poker has become something more than just an entertainment or a kind of a craze, seek for a higher status in this industry so they can make a bigger and more stable profit. Thus, they decide to get deep down into this becoming an operator and launch their own online poker websites. It is often unclear what strategy to choose to start getting a decent income and run your business smoothly and efficiently.

Basically, you need to find a trustworthy and experienced poker software provider like evenbetgaming.com to get excellent software for your website. Apparently, in the realm of the prosperous gambling industry, you are likely to find multiple suppliers offering different poker solutions. Most of them basically come up with two: a white-label poker solution and a standalone one. It is not a riddle that starting from scratch on your own is quite a tedious task, so not only numerous newcomers but also some experienced gambling market participants choose the first option for a start-up. Why does it work this way? Does a white-label poker solution bring about many pitfalls? What are the profits of buying a white-label product? Let us sort out all the details and give you an in-depth look at the white-label virtues and flaws.

How can one benefit from the white-label solution?

In the beginning, the most vivid feature that attracts customers to the white-label approach is its quicker launch-to-market. Besides, upon obtaining the white-label software, you get a chance to customize your website to your ideas and demands as well as quickly gain popularity among gamblers with a higher ROI. So, let us have a look at the ways you can benefit from the white label:

  • Unique design

The most delicious piece of white-label software is that you can elaborate an exclusive design and logo and develop your own brand.

  • Licensing

While you are applying for the license, your poker website is running under the “parental” brand. That makes your entering into the market smooth and prompt.

  • Payment system options

Here you are free to opt for a ready-made integration of a payment processing system or your own. In the first situation, the developer provides everything ready to operate except the merchant account, whereas in the second case you are likely to deal with the third party by yourself.

  • Tolerable price

The white label is affordable since the entrance costs are way lower than those for the development of a standalone custom solution.

  • Fast launch

There is quite a lot of time at your disposal with the white label approach. Thus, you can focus on promotion issues increasing the chances to quickly start getting income.

  • Games compilation

With the white-label, you can get excellent games set since games offered by a white-label developer are created based on expert experience. Moreover, white-label suppliers cooperate with advanced game producers, so you are sure to receive high-quality games being tested and updated on time.

  • Technical Support

Among multiple services offered by a white label provider, you will be pleased by marketing assistance in promoting your poker brand. As a matter of fact, your success implies the success of the providers as they take a share of your profits.

What are the flaws of the white-label products?

Next, let us consider the drawbacks of the white-label approach and finally find out if it is a suitable way for your start-up or you need more autonomy and independence:

  • Lack of innovation and originality

On buying a white label software, you will get a poker website based on a standardized platform, so it will look similar to many other white-label poker businesses.

  • High revenue-sharing fees

While white-label suppliers offer lower launch prices, they usually charge more for the revenue sharing so that they can meet the expenses of owning the license, providing support and covering operational costs. That is why your priority and your foremost task, in the beginning, is to get a head-start into marketing and work out promotion strategies to increase the popularity of your brand and be able to meet monthly expenses.

  • Your project is not your property

You are not in full control of your business as you don’t get complete ownership. The advantage here is that you don’t take full responsibility for every issue but that of course depends on the details of a contract with a solution vendor.

  • Limited customization

Compared to standalone products, you still lack customization, and that is a substantial flaw. You are not able to change the platform code, thus you will be shy of versatility in your business.

In conclusion

Finally, there are certain pitfalls in buying white-label poker products. Well, nothing is perfect. Undoubtedly, this approach gives you a chance to start your gambling business really fast and smooth. Although, in the absence of a one-of-a-kind platform, you still have no limits in creating and promoting your own exclusive brand. Moreover, you will be free of some daunting issues such as licensing and technical maintenance. While you are not able to customize your project to the fullest and you have to share your profits with a provider, on the whole, the white label solution is a nice strategy that you can choose to start a profitable and money-making online poker business.

Take into your account that your business growth and success depend not so much on the solution you choose but firstly, on the provider who delivers only excellent software, secondly, on your objective to run it efficiently and properly. In other words, as long as you are constantly striving to improve your website, follow the trends of the gambling market, and ensure top-quality services, you are on the top.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor