Best Locations In New Jersey To Host A Poker Tournament Post-COVID-19



Poker has been a staple of New Jersey activity since legalization was approved in 1992. Although other states are now promoting poker, Atlantic City still remains the undoubted Poker Capital of the U.S. A prime reason for this is the city’s location near the state border. Atlantic City is an hour’s drive away from Philadelphia, a little more than two hours from New York and three hours from Washington D.C.

Its vicinity to such populous cities is a major reason behind New Jersey’s growing reputation as a poker hub. The state also has an array of multiplayer poker rooms packed into small areas. Whether you’re searching for a private table or massive spaces with every game imaginable, New Jersey has it all!

A Brief History of Poker

Poker was introduced in the United States sometime in the early 19th century. The game evolved from the Persian card game As-Nas and a French game Poque. The modern historians disregard these facts, however, as they focus solely on the playing techniques, which mimic a lot of card games from the mid-18th century and early 19th-century.

Developments in the 1970s led to poker being popular throughout the States. As the World Series of Poker was introduced, casinos started hosting poker. It was during the 1990s that the game spread throughout the U.S., including online poker in 1998.

Poker’s popularity further exploded in early 2000 with the introduction of real money in online poker tables. However, new rules were soon set up around the states, regulating poker tournaments and casinos offering live poker tables.

How to Host a Poker Tournament

Depending on the number of participants, a poker tournament can span a few days. Ensure that the venue you pick for the event is available over extended periods. Keeping post-COVID-19 restrictions in mind, your venue needs to be spacious with loads of empty space between tables. Restricting the number of players per table is a good idea.

You will need at least one poker expert in the panel for assistance with setting up the table and the rules. As more players are eliminated with every passing round, the remaining tables can be combined until a final table remains.

It is important to select your poker variation. Popular choices are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. Texas Hold’em needs no introduction and is the format of choice at the World Series of Poker. Omaha and Seven Card Stud tournaments can be arranged if there’s a demand for them.

The biggest concern with hosting a land-based poker tournament post-COVID-19 is virus transmission. It’s best to organize virtual poker tournaments and restrict unnecessary human contact as much as possible. There are numerous websites capable of hosting an online poker tournament in New Jersey. Check out the list of viable hosts on

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