Alexander ‘Kobbajun’ Kobbelvedt wins World Series of Poker bracelet



Alexander ‘Jobbajun’ Kobbeltvedt won the World Series of Poker bracelets in $100 no-limit Hold’em. Until Sunday evening, however, this Norwegian gambler had only three tournament cashes for a total of $10,583.

Kobbeltvedt is known for winning one of the final events of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online, where he managed to top a massive field of more than 34,000 entries and ended up winning as much as $296,403 in addition to his first WSOP bracelet in $100 no-limit Hold’em event which had a guaranteed prize pool of as much as $2 million. For the gold, he defeated a well-known Kostiantyn ‘vksOk’ Vovchenko.

“Kobbaujun” has had many wins under his belts over the years. He is very-well known in the Norwegian gambling industry. Generally, gambling industry is known to be very connected and the shave Kobbaujun the opportunity to become very well-known around the world. Because he is so popular in the country, there have been many casinos who held bets on his success in the tournament.

In Norway, one particular casino promised to even give out free spins, or better known as gratis spinn in Norwegian, to whoever made the correct bet on Kobbaujun regardless of the amount they bet on him.

This ended up being a very successful idea. Many Norwegians love Kobbelvedt very much, and most of them decided to show their support by betting.

How did Kobbelvedt get his success?

Kobbelvedt has become well-known as the gambling industry very fast. Over the years, he has won many tournaments. This one represents his third career WSOP cash, after winning two cases at the 2018 WSOP where he won $1,500 in mixed no-limit Hold’em and the pot-limit Omaha. In addition, he has also won $3,000 at the pot-limit Omaha six-max. In 2019, while participating in the European Poker Tour stop in Barcelona, he also ended up winning.

This year, there were 4,303 players returning for Sunday’s Day 2 after multiple start flights wrapped up. The field was trimmed down to its final nine players after about eight hours of play, with Edvinas “gerasarklys” Jankaitis leading the pack following Kobbeltvedt close behind.

When his 10-7 bested Mukhiguli’s A-K to eliminate the Albanian by fifth, Kobbeltvedt moved back into the chip lead. Kobbelvedt never looked back from there and made quick work of his last three opponents.

After this, Kobbeltvedt ended up sending Cheung packing in fourth and Dash as well in third to take a lead of almost 4:1 against Vovchenko in heads-up play. Vovchenko put up a good fight, but Kobbeltvedt won a 9-7 race against Vovhcenko ‘s 3-3 to secure the title after a couple of levels.

With the final ratings, Kobbeltvedt ended up winning $296,403, Vovhcenko won $203,081, Anshuman Dash, who was in third place, won $138,151. Antony Cheung ended up in fourth place and won $95,346, after him came Beka Mukhiguli who won $65,331. In sixth place was Edvinas Jankaitis, with a prize of $44,764, followed by Renato Sakamoto at 7th place with $30,672 prize. The last two places were taken by Kim Jaehyuk at 8th place with $21,016, and Alexandre Mantovani at 9th place with $14,400.

What is the World Series of Poker bracelet?

The WSOP bracelet is considered to be the most coveted and desired non-monetary prize in the world of poker. It has been awarded to every winner of the annual WSOP since 1976, the legacy of the bracelet is very huge and it means a lot for every gambler to win it.

In addition to the huge money that gamblers win, this bracelet also gives them additional things to be proud of. Many people in the gambling world dream of getting to win something like this but not everyone can do it.

In general, WSOP consists of 101 events, featuring most of the major versions of poker. Winning this is desired by most of the gamblers around the world and they work very hard for even just being part of it. The origins of it dates back to the 1970s, and it has been held in Las Vegas annually since 2004.

In 2019, the WSOP main event was won by Hossein Ensen, who ended up winning $10 million.

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