The Truth behind a Poker Face



Lady Gaga sometime back recorded the song “Poker Face.” One of the best lines in that song reads, “you can’t read my poker face.” Poker players always make sure they have a poker face, but there are some players who also want to know want poker face is and if they can use it in top online casino games.

What is a Poker Face?

If you were to Google “poker face” that song would probably be the first thing that the results pop up. But a poker face is a face used in poker that other players can’t read.

When playing poker with other players, you want to make sure that they can’t guess your cards or your next move and that’s where a poker face come in.

And no, you can’t use it in high payout online casino games because you need to be able to see the faces of the player that you plying with in order to use that face.

What Makes A Poker Face?

Well, in order to have a poker face, you need to have an unreadable facial expression, even if you know that you are holding worst hands. You need to make sure that other players are unable to read your facial expression.

In the same manner, if you have the best cards at the table, you need to show it as well, you need, at all times to make sure that your expressions you play the game remains unreadable.

Difference Between A Poker Face And A Bluff

Most players tend to confuse a poker face and a bluff. A poker face is an unreadable expression, whereas a bluff is a pure lie.

When it comes to bluffing in poker you want the players to think that you are holding cards that you really don’t have. While with a poker face you remain emotionless, a bluff will require to have that confident face that you have all the best cards, yet, in most cases you don’t.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor