The Strongest Poker Hands When Playing Texas Hold’em Poker



Poker is the most loved casino game in land casinos and online casinos as well.  There is so much prestige and class that is linked to playing poker. Therefore, you will find that most of the high roller players always go for the poker table.

On the other hand, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker variations. If you are new to real money casino gaming, this article is going to be giving you the strongest hand you can ever get when playing the game of Texas Hold’em.

Get Pocket Aces

According to casino français, when you are just starting to play Texas Hold’em, pocket aces are the best hand you can get. This is the unbeatable hand, you will be guaranteed of getting some chips. But, according to poker experts, when playing one on one, a 6-5 suited can be seen as a threat to pocket aces. This is the only hand that can at least beat pocket aces when playing Texas Hold’em.

Get A Few Kings

When you get pocket kings then you are having a good start as well. According to the superstition believers, once you pocket kings, you will stand a real good chance of getting aces in the next round to come.  Try playing now and see whether this is true.

Queens Are a Good Start, Too

Pocket queens come at No. 3 of the best poker hands in Texas Hold’em. Poker is not one of the most difficult online casino games, all you need to do is make sure that you get any one of these hands and your chances of walking away with real money will increase.

Pocket Jacks

According to a survey, a lot of people hate jacks when playing poker. A lot of complaints have been aired out when it comes to poker. But, this is the fourth strongest hand that you can get when playing Texas Hold’em. They have also been given the nickname “fishhooks.” But, after reading this we hope that you will start loving them.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor