Log Off a Winner with These Online Casino Tips



Online casinos are the big thing right now, thanks to the ease of play, a vast choice of games and the overall customer experience. From online slots to full-on poker games where strategy and skill are the order of the day, there’s something for everyone in this exciting virtual casino world.

So, if you want to max out on your time online, then read on. We can help you to log off a winner with these online casino tips.

Choose your game

They say practice makes perfect and that includes choosing your favorite games from the many live casino games at LeoVegas, and learning how to play them well. There are fundamentally two types of online casino games – those that require a level of skill or strategy such as poker and those based on chance, namely the slots or roulette. Understanding the difference and knowing how to approach each type of game will give you a head-start. Then, by focusing on a couple of games rather than playing randomly, you can learn the rules, develop your game plan and increase your chance of success.

‘Try before you buy’

Many online casinos offer free demo casino games for players to try before moving on to real money play. If you’re new to a particular game, spend some time in ‘demo mode’ so you get tuned into the play, without unnecessarily wasting your wagers.

Take advantage of any offers

From the moment you register for an online casino, you’ll be regularly offered promotions – don’t be afraid to take them up as the casino wants you to stay with them! To be sure, always read the terms so you know exactly what’s on offer, especially welcome bonuses, as you will need to wager a certain amount of times before you can draw the cash out. The lower the wagering requirement, the greater your odds of being able to convert the bonus into real cash before its balance hits zero.

Manage your bankroll

Staying on top of your bankroll is essential to get the most out of your online casino play and will help to ensure you don’t log off a loser by going over your budget. Set a maximum amount you are happy to play in one session or over a set period of time and are comfortable losing – and then stick to it.

Spend less, play more

Playing smart is a good way to win online. And this means adjusting your wagers to maximize on your budget. If your budget is low, playing larger £10 slots means your money could run out before you even get started. And by playing smaller wager spins, say £1, means you will have 50 shots at collecting, making the experience so much more enjoyable.

Don’t chase your losses

Especially if you’re playing the slots, it’s important you don’t get tempted into fixing your losses by playing on, either by going beyond your budget limit or playing risky high amount stakes. The use of the random number generator (RNG) for slot games means you can’t influence the outcome and so any superstition or notions of lady luck on your side are out of the window.

Quit while you’re winning

Just as risky as chasing losses is not to know when to quit while you’re ahead. Getting caught up in the excitement of a win can entice you into playing bigger or harder. And the real danger is you will simply game-away your winnings. A good idea is to decide what amount of winnings you want to bank and once you reach that figure you pocket the money before your ‘lucky streak runs out’. And this way you can be sure you’re logging off a total winner, ready to start afresh with your online play another day.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor