Top 5 Greatest Poker Hero Calls of All Time



What is poker without bluffing? Whether it is during a live or online poker game, bluffing is arguably the most interesting and entertaining part of the game, and it definitely remains an aspect of the game that a lot of people look forward to. Bluffing ushers in a lot of drama, suspense and the sheer intensity that goes with it surely keep everyone at the edge of their seats.

This is why the ability to make a “Hero Call” usually defines the popularity and legendary status of the greatest poker players. As everyone who understands the game of poker knows, making a hero call requires a lot of ingenuity and a perfect understanding of human psychology, as it means the “hero” understands when an opponent is bluffing and thereby calling or raising the bet and winning.

While making the right hero call is not an easy task, you can surely learn how to increase your odds of making this and other winning plays at to succeed more often. Now let’s look at the examples of five greatest hero calls of all time in the history of the game.

1. Erik Seidel vs. Dmitry Urbanovich

Erik Seidel has to be one of the greatest strategists to have played the game, and he justified his legendary status with this amazing hero call against the less experienced Dmitry Urbanovich to win the Super High Roller event at the EPT final in 2015.

Seidel, who has a knack for accurately reading his opponents, tricked Urbanovich into raising more money after the flop, and he made two quick calls to rake in the money and leave his less experienced partner stranded. Seidel seems to have a perfect reading of the game as well as the countenance of Urbanovich all game, as seen in the way he made an astonishing hero call with just Jack-high on the river.


2. Allen Cunningham vs. Jamie Gold

In one of the greatest hero calls of all time, the young pro Allen Cunningham made an unbelievable hero call with just an ace-high against Jamie Gold at the final of the 2006 World Series of Poker event. Coming into the game, all fingers seem to be pointing to the fact that Jamie was going to take Allen to the cleaners and win big, but everything changed with that moment of ingenuity, and that was the moment that solidifies the standing of Cunningham as a player to take very seriously.

While Gold still managed to win it all, it was one of those Texas Holdem poker hands that gave Allen a fighting chance and proved how well established player he is.

3. Davidi Kitai vs. Andrew Chen

Belgian poker player Davidi Kitai pulled off one of the greatest hero calls in the history of the poker game during a meeting with Andrew Chen at the European Poker Tour 8 Berlin Final Table in 2012.

Kitai, who was behind his opponent in the game, made a genius and daring hero call with Ac3c on 7h-Jc-5s-9s-Tc, and this put him into position to win it all, so he went on to outwit Chen at the end.

Without that unbelievable hero call, Davidi wouldn’t have stood any chance of winning the game, but he made the call and won. The call is still being talked about as one of the most memorable hero calls ever.


4. Lex Veldhuis vs. Doyle Brunson

Guess what could be more memorable than a perfect hero call? When an underdog pulls off the hero call against a veteran with an amazing track record of not bickering under pressure, and this is exactly what Lex Veldhuis pulled off against the more fancied Doyle Brunson.

Veldhuis made this memorable call at the 2009 World Series of Poker, and this singular act earned him a lot of respect and his place in the poker game table. After all, if you can do it against the legendary Doyle Brunson, you will most likely be able to hold your own against most opponents. In the game, Veldhuis was holding 9s2s for a pair of deuces on 6s-2d-3h-Jc-4c, but he couldn’t be sure as WSOP champion Brunson stumped up an additional $60,000, which was meant to make Veldhuis fold, but he refused and followed his instincts.

5. Upeshka De Silva vs. Fedor Holz

Upeshka De Silva is known to be one of the most tactically sound poker players, and he further cemented his status with this audacious hero call to beat the often aggressive Fedor Holz on the fifth day of the 2015 WSOP Main Event.

Upeshka seems to figure out Fedor by studying him and critically analyzing the previous and available hands before making this huge call, and it paid off handsomely.



Ultimately, making the right hero calls would determine the level of success a poker player would go on to enjoy. As a poker player, the decisiveness, awareness and human psychology to understand your opponent, determine when they are bluffing, and make the right call are what would stand you out from the crowd and make you a success in the game.

Along with the knowledge of poker strategy, understanding of ranges, and all other poker factors that come into play, you can start making these hero calls in no time.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor