Top 5 Disruptors of the Traditional Online Gambling Environment



Online gambling has seen a massive rise in popularity, especially since Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker tournament in 2003 after qualifying from an online poker room.

But even more so, online gambling has yet again seen another rise because of the recent pandemic. And with so many new people and entrepreneurs on the scene, there’s room for improvement and new ideas.

A few of these were merely concepts some years ago. However, they are now a reality, and they’re actively reshaping how the traditional online gambling industry works. But just how much did this environment evolve since it first came to fruition in the 90s? Let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence

You’ve heard it so many times that you probably think it’s just a buzzword. But it’s not. AI and machine learning are just as real as the operating system your computer or smartphone has.

Artificial intelligence in online gambling has introduced several security measures and advantages for users and bookkeepers alike. As an example, AI can detect suspicious behavior. This includes everything from using hacks, to cheating, and even identifying addictive behavior patterns.

AI can prevent gambling addiction, money laundering, and scams altogether. More so, it analyzes data and creates better odds for matches that give the bettors and the casino operator an advantage. More precisely, it gives people a fair chance of earning some cash without affecting the business’ ROI.

Virtual sports

Virtual eGames have become the new trend ever since so many sporting events were canceled because of the recent pandemic.

Bettors now seek new ways to keep their favorite hobby alive. And virtual sports are the answer since they don’t involve real players. How do they work? An advanced algorithm works to determine the outcome of virtual matches similarly to how real-world stats work.

Viewers can then place a bet and skip straight to the results if they don’t want to wait. They also get the advantage of placing multiple bets at once and then seeing the results instantly. This has led to a significant increase in profits for sportsbooks and more convenience for bettors as well.

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The blockchain

When it comes to security and transactions, the blockchain has revolutionized the way people pay for goods.

Long gone are the high waiting times and risks of having your card details stolen. Nowadays, a good blockchain network offers complete privacy and multiple payment methods with minimal to no transaction fees.

As you can imagine, this has facilitated people worldwide to enjoy gambling on casino websites that they would otherwise be unable to access. Whether that’s a good thing or not depends on what perspective you view it from. But you can’t deny that it has had a significant impact on how people play and place bets on their favorite iGames.

Live casinos

Not long ago, if you wanted to visit a particular casino, you’d have to jump on a plane and reserve a hotel room. Not anymore.

Many famous casinos now have cameras and microphones that let you interact with the dealer and the other players at the table. Sure, it might not feel as if you’re actually there, but more like you’re Skype calling someone. However, this brings us to our next point:

Virtual reality

The world’s collective jaw dropped when Oculus announced its virtual reality headset for the mass market. People couldn’t believe that we could finally experience games and movies in a more personal way than ever before.

On a similar note, some of the most known gambling websites have also profited from this technology. Live casinos and virtual casinos alike now offer a fully immersive experience that lets players explore and interact with slot machines and tables just as they would in real life.

All you have to do is get a reliable motion controller and headset. Well, you’ll also need a pretty beefy PC. Otherwise, when going to a slot machine, you’ll no longer click to pull the lever. Instead, you’re actually pulling the lever just as you would in real life. As for card games, you now have to hold and hide the cards from other players, just like in the real world.

Final thoughts

As technology evolves, there will probably be many more disruptors in this market. What do you think about the current and future scenery?

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor