How to safely gamble online with Pay N Play



It is one thing to lose a couple of dollars to online casinos and another to find your account wiped clean by online fraudsters. It is for this reason that gaming enthusiasts must stay safe online.

Reputable Pay N Play casinos go out of their way to ensure their clients are safe. However, to fully implement it, online safety should not be solely left to operators. It is a combined effort between these operators and their clients.

In this article, we are going to highlight a few practices you can use to ensure online safety.

  • Use a separate account

With the much-celebrated pros of the Internet and the various technological advancements, comes the cons. Online platforms are full of hackers, identify thieves, and other fraudsters, whose main goal is to steal money and other sensitive information from unsuspecting people.

To increase your chances of not losing your money to these unscrupulous individuals, why not have a separate Pay N Play gambling account?

In this account, only deposit money you intend to gamble. So, in case you fall prey to fraudsters, they only gain access to money set aside for gambling and not your life savings. It is still devastating losing this money, but at least you will have something left, and your life will not be in shambles.

  • Use the right payment methods

Do not underestimate the power of using the right payment methods when conducting online transactions.

As a player looking to safeguard your money, go for reputable payment companies to process your online transactions. Such established brands like Trustly, are the innovators behind Pay N Play – casinos without registration like

A Pay N Play casino will have all the required licences and security functions in place. Plus, you don’t need to enter any personal or financial information when using Trustly’s Pay N Play.

  • Install an anti-virus software

Tech experts advise people to install an anti-virus or anti-malware software, and for a good reason.

Genuine anti-virus software can immediately detect Trojans, malware and viruses. These are programs hackers use to steal your sensitive information and use them for financial gain. By installing anti-virus software, you can block these dangerous programs before they can wreak havoc.

  • Be click-sensitive

If you are a regular at online casinos, then you have probably noticed the numerous advertisements present in these sites. Most of these pop-ups are genuine and for advertisement purposes.

Also, Pay N Play casinos might send you e-mails or notifications informing you of the latest developments.

However, hackers pretending to the casino might take advantage of such opportunities and send you e-mails asking for sensitive information like your password, account number, and usernames. Be wary. It’s a common tactic used by fraudsters posing as popular banks to steal login information.

Do not be quick to click on any link or pop-ups. Make sure it is from a trusted source. Additionally, do not respond to any e-mails asking for personal information. Rather, check with the casino’s online support to tell it’s legit.

  • Check the casinos gambling license

Not many casino players realize how many online casinos operate without valid licenses.

Once you spot an online casino you are interested in, check if it has a valid license. Ideally, you should check this before signing up.

Playing at a Pay N Play casino means you’re playing at a legitimate casino as they need to prove their licence credentials to Trustly.

  • Always check the Terms and Conditions

How many of you ever read the terms and conditions before accepting? Download a new app, updating your software, or even signing for a bank loan.

We take a lot of things at face value, meaning we trust the person telling us it’s a great deal. But, it’s vital you read every contract you ever agree to just in case there’s a lousy clause hidden that can hurt you.

So, whether you want to sign-up, accept bonuses, or play a game of slots, make sure you carefully read the instructions and restrictions. The reason being, most casinos require a player to meet specific requirements before they can cash out their winnings.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor