Four more Florida poker rooms set to reopen



Coming on the heels of Derby Lane’s reopening today, and the planned reopening of three more poker rooms in the next two days, three more poker rooms in Florida have announced they’ll be reopening.

Sarasota Kennel Club/One-Eyed Jack’s in Sarasota, Oxford Downs in Summerfield and Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach will open on Friday and Club 52 at Melbourne Greyhound Park in Melbourne is planning to reopen on May 25.

Palm Beach Kennel Club will require temperature checks upon arrival, and face coverings are required. It also has established numerous new poker procedures:

  • Games will be played with a designated number of players to be determined by management
  • The waiting area will not be utilized. Players will be seated upon arrival and games will commence when the designated number of players is achieved
  • Players will not be granted table transfers. The table you are seated will be your table for the duration of the day
  • Players will be required to purchase their initial and buy ins at the cage
  • Dealers will not rotate from table to table. Dealers will be assigned to one table only
  • Chips will be isolated to a specific table. Once chips have been introduced to a game, they can only exit in the following manners: Drop Boxes, Dealer tip boxes, Cashed out at the cashier
  • Once chips are removed from play, they will not be recirculated until after they are sanitized
  • Paper cards will be utilized and discarded at regular intervals
  • Eating food at the tables will be prohibited
  • Drinks will be served with tabletop cup holders; cup holders will be sanitized prior to being issued to a new customer
  • Hand sanitizer will be used in lieu of a dealer button. When a player has the sanitizer, they are encouraged to use it
  • Dealers will sanitize their hands after arriving at the table
  • All players will be required to sanitize their hands upon initially or subsequently arriving at the table

None of the other three have released any details yet on what poker will look like in their rooms when they reopen.

For more information on poker room reopenings, please visit our Reopen webpage.

Scott Long

Scott Long