A few important differences between online and live poker



The experience you get from playing poker live is simply not the same as the experience you get from playing poker online even though the fundamentals of a poker game are essentially the same.

In this article, we list a few important differences between playing poker live and playing it online.

The speed of play

This is one of the most tangible differences between live and online poker. Playing poker online is a lot faster while playing live can be extremely slow. What takes so much time on poker tables in a live setting is the fact that cards are manually shuffled and chips have to be counted. When it comes to an online setting, cards are shuffled automatically within a split second and chip counts are instant. Waiting for things to be done manually wastes a lot of valuable time.

For those players who are used to playing online, the slower pace of live poker can cause boredom and frustration as it can seem like forever before your turn.

These factors contribute to the number of hands you play whereby playing more hands means more money for winning players. You enjoy a better all round experience when the game is faster, an online setting.

Convenience and comfort to play

If you don’t live anywhere close to a casino, playing poker in online casinos is your best bet. It is generally more comfortable and far more convenient to play poker in an online setting. Conveniently, you don’t have to make a trip to the casino. All you need is getting online and logging in to whichever site you prefer. A computer or your mobile phone is all you need.

The experience of playing poker at the comfort of your own home is exceptional compared to poker rooms. Your online opponents cannot see you so you don’t even have to dress up if you are not up for it and you can sit or lay down, whichever style makes you comfortable while playing your poker game.

Social setting

Even though most poker online sites have chat options, they are rarely used for meaningful conversations. You cannot compare chatting with talking to fellow players in person. Basically, online poker playing is a lonely activity.

On the contrary, in poker rooms you can strike conversations with other players as the live play setting lays a much better social setup. If you yearn for a type of fun that doesn’t just involve the game, playing live is your best option.

Variety in game selection

You will struggle to find the massive variety of games offered in online casino setups even in the biggest casinos. Online poker offers a huge range in tournament formats and games selection.

In online tournaments you will find anything you want from small sit-and-gos to large field tournaments. While you can find games with buy-ins of under a dollar online, you will have to pay $100 in live games if you want a good structure. Stakes offered in most online poker sites are suited for all budgets.

Analysis of the game

In online poker setups, your hands are recorded and are available for you to review upon request contrary to a live environment where there is no automatic record of your hands. Most individuals do not consider this aspect when comparing the two poker set ups but it is a very important aspect to note. Playing online gives a chance to analyze your own game.

When it comes to developing your game, your hand history in a poker game can be a very valuable tool. If your goal is to improve your skills in poker, your past hand records can help you to study and analyze your past play as you focus on how you can do better.

Tells and reads are important in poker games

At the table in a live setting, you cannot actually read your opponents mind but you are able to read and analyze your opponents which can help you figure out what they are up to.

Studying your opponents physically is important in many different sports because it tells you how they react in certain situations and in the end at a poker game it might give away the cards they are holding and sometimes ultimately show how they will bet.

The ability to observe and gain information on your opponents is vital in a poker game and cannot be replicated in an online setting since you cannot see your opponent.

Which poker setting is the best is a matter of personal choice and it is possible to enjoy playing poker from both set ups!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor