The Best Ways to Improve Your Poker Game



Do you love poker but think your game is lacking something? There are many ways for you to improve your skills to make you a better player. All the great poker champions were once amateurs like you. Whether you have aspirations of one day winning your own WSOP bracelet or you just want to beat your friends, there are several things you can do. Here are some tips to help you become a better poker player.

Know the Game Inside and Out

Poker is a big game with many different variations. You need to start by picking your favorite variety and learning it inside out. From the rules to the frequency of the different combinations, there are plenty of details you can learn. When you have mastered one, you can think about looking at another for a new challenge.

The more you can know about the game, the less you can make silly mistakes as you play. It will be easier for you to decide on your plays. Making the calls about when to raise or fold can be difficult for a newbie and knowledge of the game will help to give you a little more confidence.

Find a Place to Play Online

When you feel ready to play a few hands, you should head to an online poker room to play. Somewhere like will be a welcoming place and offers many opportunities for players. From monthly tournaments, to fun little bonus games, you will have all the opportunity you need to grow as a player.

The advantage of starting in online tournaments over real-life ones is that you don’t need to worry about bluffing. The art of bluffing is difficult as it requires you to maintain the famous “poker face” so your opponents won’t know what your hand is like. When you play online, no-one can see your face and so bluffing other players becomes all the easier.

Study the Greats

Start to follow some of the big international tournaments like the World Series of Poker. From that, find a few players you really like – past or present – and begin to study their play. Every player will have something different in their style of play. Watch them closely and try to take notes if you can. Picking up little things they do will help you to build your own signature style of play.

These are the top poker players for a reason. If you can learn something from them about the game, you will be able to improve your own game ten-fold.

Learning how to improve your poker game is going to take time and dedication. No matter how many games you play, lazy habits can’t be broken unless you identify them and learn how to fix them. Try out different styles of poker and look at what some of the best players are doing. These simple things will help you out just as much as sitting down for a hand or two. Before you know it, you might be playing poker like a pro.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor