5 Changes Online Casino Players Would Like to See in the 2020s



By and large, you would say that most online casino players are happy with the state of the industry. After all, the last decade has seen lots of new innovations, including the chance for poker players to hone their strategy on live dealer tables, which is surely the most important development of the 2010s.

Yet, there are always things we can suggest that could improve any industry. So, below we are going to jot down five proposals that would make playing games online a bit better as we enter a new decade.

Localized Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are brilliant, and their rise perhaps joins live dealer casino as defining the online industry in the 2010s. Yet, perhaps progressive jackpots have got too big as the games have become connected all over the world. There is an argument that casinos could localize these jackpots, we don’t mean by geographical area, but in terms of confining them to the casino. Of course, some operators would argue they do this with daily jackpots and leaderboard competitions, but it would be nice if you knew the game you were playing would pay out at your “local” casino, and not one on the other side of the world.

Faster Banking

In fairness, this is not just the casinos but the banking industry, too. It’s 2019, and there is no good reason that it should take days for money to reach your account. Of course, some casinos are better at this than others. For instance, Mansion has multiple instant banking payments that work very swiftly. But, for many sites and payment methods, there can be intolerable pending periods for withdrawals. As we stressed, sometimes it’s your bank, but we would also like to see money winging its way back a lot quicker.

Player vs Player Poker

As we mentioned earlier, it’s been something refreshing to be able to play hold’em and different variants of poker with real dealers. However, there is still that drawback of the fact that you play versus the dealer rather than against other players. That’s fine, as everyone wins if the dealer is playing poorly. But the technology is surely there to facilitate that through the live dealer tables, and it would surely bring in many poker players who want a change from traditional player vs player poker sites.

Travelling Casino

If playing casino games is legal in the country or state you reside in, and you travel to somewhere where gambling is also legal, it feels like you should be able to access your account and play. Alas, that doesn’t seem to be the way of it. Yes, like banking above, this is not always the fault of the casino and they have to deal with legal issues and licensing. But it would be just nice if you could play some poker on that romantic trip to Paris before you propose.

Social Gaming

We touched on this earlier with the desire to see player versus player poker games. However, we would like to see online casino play evolve from an activity you normally do alone to something you do with friends. Of course, it should be noted that the options to chat and socialize are available at most top casino sites, but there is definitely room to use the kind of live streaming technology for much more. We are living our lives online at the moment in all aspects of life, so it would be nice if our friends could join us – really join us – at the online casino.

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