How to Win in a Casino: 12 Steps



Game establishments are created for rest and distraction from problems. However, 99 percent of visitors look at gambling sites in the hope of breaking a big jackpot. However, only a few people manage to become millionaires in the blink of an eye. The rest are content with empty spins or small prizes. There are effective tips that will help you win at roulette. You should learn more about them and use them in the game.

Is It Possible to Win at Online Casinos?

You can find a huge number of negative reviews about gambling sites on the Web. Gamblers who lose large sums adhere to the conspiracy theory. According to it, it is impossible to win a casino. They say that institutions simply rob customers. However, such a statement is absurd.

Of course, there are enough scammers. But many online casinos work honestly, paying winnings to visitors. The example of such casinos is Each game provides a percentage of return. It can vary depending on the institution. An average is 70-99 percent. And the rest is the club’s income.

TILT State

In this state, players stop thinking logically and often act inadequately. They lose touch with reality and do not listen to their logic. At these moments, a player can be aggressive and not react to the words and arguments of others. In this state, your chances of losing money are extremely high. Therefore, you should be careful about it.

A Guide For Those Who Want to Win

Gambling for money is a risk that can be minimized if you use the following tips:

  1. Before the game, set your goal and limits on the game. It is advisable to record everything. For example, withdraw money as soon as the deposit amount increases three times. The amount that you can play should be taken on the basis that if you lose, it will not affect you negatively and will not bring problems and undesirable consequences.
  2. The amount that you decide to play must be kept separate from your main funds. Block yourself access to fixed assets during the game. You can transfer them to a trusted friend or relative with a request to return them on the next day.
  3. Do not play while intoxicated. 90 percent of the losses are made by players who drank alcohol during the game. Alcohol distorts the facts and
  4. If you are lucky and you win immediately, you should put the funds for withdrawal. And after you get the fund, immediately transfer them to friends or relatives with a request to return them the next day or after a few hours. This will allow you to cool down and pull yourself together.
  5. It is wise to use bonuses. Before receiving a gift, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms of wagering.
  6. Contact support if you have any questions or problems. If something is not clear, it is better to clarify the details with the operator and save the correspondence.
  7. Provide correct data during registration and verification. Honest institutions adhere to a policy against money laundering. Therefore, they have the right to refuse to withdraw winnings to a client who has provided false information about himself.
  8. Do not make multiple deposits per day. The excitement, sense of courage and euphoria make people lose. If you are not lucky, it is better to stop and not deposit money again and again.
  9. Take a break after a big win. If the machine gave a prize, there is an extremely low probability that it will do it again in the near future. It is better to continue the game on the next day or after a few hours.
  10. Do not play for the last money. Up to 10 percent of the total income should be allocated for the game.
  11. Do not borrow money for a game. In case of the absence of capital, you need to postpone a visit to the club. Otherwise, there is the risk of being in debt.
  12. Did you withdraw funds but still want to play? You can dress and go for a walk. But don’t bring your phone with you. Or you can take it and block access to the casino on it. If you have a bicycle or other means of transportation requiring physical activity, this is excellent. Physical stress will bring you back to the normal state.


The above tips do not guarantee 100 percent winnings, but they help to increase the chance to get a prize, save capital, and not become addicted to excitement.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor