What Are the Top 7 Advantages of Playing Video Games Online



Today, online gaming represents one of the best-developed industry branches, reaching billions of people worldwide every single day. Video games have passed a long way since their creation, developing from simple 2D games used purely for fun into complex 3D creations with detailed graphics and an interactive gameplay. So today, one can find various online gaming content, including casino games (online slots, card and table games), arcade games, MMO, RPG games, etc.

Although games are becoming an integrated part of today’s life, one question still stands: do they more advantages or disadvantages, especially when it comes to children? In the following parts, you get the chance to inform about certain advantages and useful effects online gaming has on the players.

Surgery Skills

Several studies have shown that there is a positive connection between online gaming and game-based training systems and improving the overall situational skills by surgeons. These skills include motoric-based ones and sense-based ones. Motoric-based skills, especially including the hand muscles and fine moves that they perform, are being improved through the interaction with the keyboard, joystick or the screen of your tablet/smartphone. The studies have shown the increase of awareness in the OR, as well as an increased level of focus and concentration.

Stress & Pain Relief

Several studies have come to a conclusion that electronic video games can be used as a pain distractor and mediator, as well as a good learning tool for patients recovering from the surgery and dealing with the postoperative pain, one of the main problems in postoperative patient care. Video games, as an active distractor, which requires your constant attention and focus, help you distract your attention from the current situation, which improves the postoperative recovery in over 50% of tested patients. When it comes to stress relief, the mechanism is simple: your body produces the same mix of hormones as in any other situation that you find relaxing and enjoy doing. That, combined with previously mentioned distraction effect, makes a video game a good tool for taking the stress away.

Social Connections

Although it is considered that staying home and playing video games could poorly affect your social skills and social life in general, that’s not quite completely true. Yes, spending too much time alone at home will have a negative effect, but in that case, casual playing has probably turned into an addictive behavior. It’s all in the balance. On the other hand, through multi-player online gaming, you get the opportunity to meet new people from all around the world, and eventually befriend with one of them.

Making Decisions

Several studies have found a positive correlation between gaming and decision-making, especially when it comes to complex games through which you get to complete missions, move forward through levels, solve mysteries, etc. Since each of these games provides a lot of information each second, the players are forced to adapt as quick as possible, which positively affects the reaction time needed to make a certain decision.


Online video games, especially ones that require problem-solving levels with a limited amount of time, could have a positive effect on the children’s brain. A game keeps the child mentally more active, which can make the brain sharper, increasing focus and concentration. Solving problems within a certain period of time makes kids learn about time management. Brain-hand coordination becomes more developed, as well.


Video games are also linked with increased leadership skills, according to some studies. This is a result of a constant-decision making you are faced with when playing the game. Making decisions, and later going through its consequences knowing that you can rely only on yourself positively affects leadership abilities.

No Download and Installation

Online gaming has a huge advantage compared to traditional PC gaming. You don’t need to download the game and install it on your device. You just need to find a website that provides the opportunity to play the game in instant-play, directly through the web browser. However, not all games come as instant-play versions, and some will require the installation, after which you just connect to the Internet and play online.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor