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Slot comes from a 21-card game (21, eye wears). In casinos, this card game is one of the most beloved, as players do not have to rely solely on their luck, as the chances of their winnings can be greatly increased by the tactics of the game. Computer simulations have also proven that with a particular game strategy, a player’s chance of winning is greater than a casino’s chance. In order to achieve this, the player must carry in his head what kind of optimal action is required for any combination of split cards. If he knows that, he has a great chance of winning the casino. With the free slots games now you can find the best choices available.

Slot is playing at the round table with the dealer. He mixes and distributes cards, pays out profits and collects losses. Seven players are at the table. One player can play several sheets at a time, each counting as a separate game. After mixing, the dealer asks one of the players to divide the cards by placing a so-called “center” in the center of the cards.

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In order to confuse those who are counting, one card is drawn from the stack of cards and set aside.

The game begins with player bets. After that the dealer divides the cards clockwise, first giving each player one upside-down card, then one downward, and finally each player with one card upwards. Before the new draw begins, players compare the number of points on their roster with the potential number of points on the dealer list. (The card refers to the cards the player holds in his hand). The goal is to collect as many points as possible from the dealer, but not to exceed 21 points.


  • The number of player points is the result of the value of individual cards.
  • For tickets 2 to 10, their value is calculated, tickets with a picture have a value of 10 points, aces have a value of 1 or 11 points, depending on the player’s preference.
  • Slot, the largest possible sheet is opened with an ace and a card with a value of 10.


Players can bet on as many fields as they want. They have the ability to play for themselves (hand) or bet on another player’s list (boxing).

The flow of the game

  • Players first place their bets on their respective fields and after that each player receives two open cards.
  • The dealer also receives two cards, one up card and one hole card.
  • Players add up the value of their cards and the dealer’s open cards, with various options for further play.

For further games the player has the following option:

  • Stay – No other ticket
  • Map (Hit) – Takes one or more cards to improve points.
  • Split – Under normal circumstances, they split when the first two cards have the same values, with the picture or numbers. The player divides his sheet by placing a second bet at the end of the field.

With the ace he always gets only a different card, with every second deal he can get a few tickets per sheet. A split sheet can have 21 points, but it can never be a Slot.


Under some circumstances, a player may double his or her original stake.

Regardless of the tag, the player does not have to double the stake, so can the other bet close with an initial role.

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Guest Contributor