How Mobile Gaming Has Impacted Land Based Casinos


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Mobile technology has advanced and been adopted at a rapid rate and virtually every company has to consider a mobile-first approach to their online presence. But when it comes to mobile gaming, the landscape of land-based casinos has evolved immensely. As more casinos adopt these new technologies, land-based casinos are having to adapt to fit. Online betting is a big industry these days and the mobile casino industry is worth billions alone, without factoring in land-based casino earnings. It’s also believed that tablet-gambling will reach £13 billion in profits by the end of 2019. These are some of the ways in which the casino industry has evolved over recent years.

Mobile Apps and Games
In the age of smartphones and tablets, there has been rapid growth for online casinos and many of these businesses have managed to keep up by introducing a host of new games. There are many new features in mobile casino gaming that have been created to suit the requirements of the players, for a greater user experience and more immersive gaming. Android and Apple have now listed a wide selection of casino games which are compatible with any device, making this form of online betting accessible to anyone. Reports of gambling in the USA estimated that as much as 56 percent of the population prefer to play casino games on mobile devices instead of a laptop or desktop computer. Land-based casinos fail to offer this type of accessibility, which is where they’re struggling to compete with the online market.

Video Slots
There was a time, not too long ago, when players had to visit a land-based casino or betting shop in order to use slot machines. But now, mobile technology brings that experience to their fingertips, meaning players can play slot machines anywhere from their sofa to the office or their commute. There are thousands of theme-based video slot games to choose from on any mobile casino and you can place your stakes and spin the reels for a real money pay-out.

Online Betting
In today’s accessible market, there are countless options for players to place their stakes on sports games using mobile devices. From horse racing on sites like Timeform and football to tennis, baseball and sporting tournaments, players can watch live games and bet in real time, as well as place their stakes in advance. Blockchain technology has made this a big business and it’s growing all the time. However, there comes a risk with online betting that bookmakers in land-based venues don’t have to worry about and that’s the misuse of funds or identity theft. There have been cases over recent years of people having their details abused or money stolen through this medium, but as the technology evolves and improves, this is become less and less common. Online betting is now one of the biggest earners of this industry and while many may prefer to still place their bets with an in-person bookmaker, the online industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Ante Up Magazine

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