Winning Slot Strategies in 2019


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We live in the modern age of technology. The advancements in online gambling technology are very evident in the new generation of online slot games. The question is, “should these new technologies change the way gamblers play online slots?” The short answer is no with an explanation to follow about the best winning slots strategies for 2019.

Before a slot player takes the plunge and starts playing online slot games of which they are unfamiliar, they owe it to themselves to invest a little time looking around for what new slot sites there are in a growing online gambling community. With literally hundreds of sites from which to choose, it’s going to take time to find the site or sites that offer the best selection of slot games and competitive bonuses and promotions to boot.

It’s important to note online gamblers should approach slot playing as pure entertainment and more of a recreational activity as opposed to being a viable way to make money on a consistent basis. Unlike poker, craps and blackjack, there’s very little in the way of strategy that a slot player can do to decrease the house’s advantage. The truth is slots represent the riskiest betting option there is in any kind of casino.

After finding the right online casino and when ready to finally take that plunge, there are two strategies a slot player can use to maximize the amount of money they can make if the hit a big jackpot.

Selecting the Right Slot Game
The aforementioned advancements in slot technology have provided slot players with a greater variety of slot games from which to choose. The game matrixes now come in some fascinating formations with a wide range of pay line possibilities. Some of these games are very attractive and apt to draw many players whether the games offer good value or not.

If a slot player truly wants to maximize their chances of winning and the amount of their winnings, any slot game will simply not do. The player has to do a little research and be willing to compare several games simultaneously. For starters, the average RTP (return to player) slot carries a percentage of around 95 percent. Under no circumstances should a player play slots that carry a lower percentage.

If five different games have a 96 percent RTP percentage with 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 pay lines, the best game is the one that has the most rewarding pay table. The bottom line is players only need to compare RTP and pay tables to locate the games that offer the best value.

Betting the Max
There’s no worst feeling in the world than a player lining up the reels perfectly for a huge jackpot, only to find out the huge jackpot is not available because they didn’t play the maximum number of coins allowed. This is a very simple rule. If a player is going to invest any time and money into playing a slot game, they must be willing to bet the maximum every time in order to assure they get the maximum bang for their efforts. No one should do something that invites disappointment.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor