Online and Land Based Casino Laws for The State Of Pennsylvania



Online gambling is gradually being accepted by most states and many believe it is only a matter of time before all corners of the world, apart from Iran and other religious countries to base laws on religion pass legal gambling into law. But this is only an assumption with no proof to prove gambling will be legalized in most parts of the world. Today, however, more countries have adopted modern day thinking and the state of Pennsylvania has joined the revolutionary trend. Here is what you need to know about online- and land- based gambling laws in Pennsylvania.

Is It Legal To Gamble Online In Pennsylvania?
In short, yes, it is legal to gamble online allowing residents and tourists visiting the area to enjoy Pennsylvania Online Poker, video slots, blackjack, roulette and more popular land based casino games online.

In 2017, Gov. Tom Wolf signed an omnibus gambling bill into law which was an impressive move for the American state. The month of October 2017 marked the day to have legalized online poker, sports betting, fantasy league sports and a number of other forms of online gambling. This sparked the creation and development of many reliable online casinos and sportsbooks.

Land-Based Gambling in Pennsylvania
Land-based gambling in the state of Pennsylvania has always been a popular past time. As a result, tourists and visitors have been frequenting some of the most exquisite gambling establishments housed by Pennsylvania. However, land-based casino business owners haven’t taken kindly to the legalization of online gambling and have restricted players from accessing online casinos from inside these establishments. Some assume the bitterness stems from competition and loss of income while others speculate the rule is to keep land based gambling mutually exclusive and players appreciative of their surroundings.

Online Poker in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is famous for online and land-based gambling but what is more popular is online poker. With the WSOP fast approaching, a number of online casinos offer poker tournaments for those wanting to win a seat at the table. These tournaments prep players who cannot afford the $10 000 buy-in and through the course of playing these tournaments, players improve and stand an actual shot of winning a satellite.

While online and land-based gambling is openly accepted by the people and authorities in Pennsylvania, there are a number of surrounding countries to adopt the same modern view. Not all states in America allow citizens or travelers to gamble online and others only allow offshore online casinos to operate as they have no jurisdiction in these states. While online gambling may still be a grey area for some, all allow land-based gambling in America. So before you book that vacation, make sure you are familiar with the gambling laws, especially if you plan to keep a practiced hand at poker!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor