Everything You Need To Know and Expect From the WSOP 2019



Although some may think it is too soon to start warming the seats gathering dust from the 2018 World Series of Poker tournament held in Vegas, there are many eagle-eyed players who would beg to differ. Besides, it is the middle of the year and time does indeed fly. The worldwide renowned poker card game is set to take place from the May 28 until July 16, almost two full months of grueling battles of wits, luck and strategies being being put to test.

Before anyone begins to place hefty wagers on the stars of the WSOP, however, there are a few things that need to be brought to attention. If you thought there was something you didn’t know about the biggest poker event in gaming history, here is where you will find it.

The WSOP of 2019
Marking the birth of the 50th WSOP tournaments, 2019 is bound to be a record breaker. Players are undergoing a series of tests, some coming out on top because of luck or wits, while others will lose their seat because of a bad hand. Recent times are breeding hot tempers and many insecurities as the build-up leads into the final rounds of qualification or elimination.

Satellites and Entries
In order to qualify for the 2019 WSOP, players will need to pay full price ticket cost of $10 000 for the no-limit Texas Hold’em card game set to take place this year. Alternatively, players will need to beat the best of the best online.

Training for the WSOP
Pro players need to have begun somewhere along the breadline. Thankfully everyone stands a fair shot of entry at the 2019 WSOP simply through practicing skill through generous sites such as https://panodeposit.com/ where the rewards start from the beginning.

Although there are bound to be a number of fresh faces warming the seats at one of the most coveted casino card game events, there are a few stalemate predictions as who will be earning a seat. Needless to say, rumors are flying and tempers are rising but fans across the world are expecting one of the biggest showdowns in card history.

Staff Predictions
While there are many who would take the word of professional players, there are also some who rely heavily on the predictions of staff members. These predictions are all hearsay; however some players may find this information more valuable than that of a pro prediction.

Thankfully there are a number of fan sites with staff forecasts available for the picking. What we know? Punters will need to ensure bets are placed based on facts when the players have a seat at the table. Until then, it’s all speculation but education nonetheless.

What you need to know about the 2019 WSOP? Stay ahead of the game by keeping tabs on players winning seats or buying into them, here is where you place your wager.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor