Poker’s Popularity Still On The Rise Heading Into 2019


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Poker has always been one of the most popular card games in the world and its popularity is still on the rise thanks to new technology making it easier to access. The internet helped fuel the boom in players and now it has become a sector that generates billions each year in revenue. Because of this, the competition to become the leading platform is fierce which has benefited players a great deal as the choice along with bonuses available have never been so large before.

The most popular poker sites heading into 2019 are dedicated apps that over the past five years have become the No. 1 choice. They are designed to appeal to beginners along with professionals. Smartphone applications make it easy take a seat at the table and place bets which is one of the most appealing features. Players can choose to play RNG software versions or live against other competitors.

Greater access to poker games has led to it becoming mainstream, as before the Internet was invented, players had to visit casino establishments to take place. The popularity of visiting land-based establishments to play poker is on the decline apart from the gambling hotspots such as Macau and Las Vegas, where regular competitions take place attracting thousands each year. With the size of jackpots on the increase every season, expect to see record amounts paid out in prizes during 2019. The NetEnts mega jackpot has a new winner, which made all of the headlines and with many others available reaching millions of dollars, if you play your cards right you could be the next lucky winner.

Smartphones have revolutionized poker and in 2019 expect to see many groundbreaking developments in the sector. These devices are now so powerful that they can run crystal clear graphics in real time, which means playing video and live poker games is going to be even better. Desktop poker sites are still extremely popular with many professional preferring this option as it gives them a great choice along with better access to betting tools. Because of the popularity of mobiles, all of the top websites have adapted and created sites that work as well on mobile as they do on a desktop.

It is not just playing poker that is on the rise to watch competitors in high-stakes competitions such as the World Series of Poker, is gaining popularity as a spectator sport. Now you will find tournaments that are streamed worldwide and are viewed by millions around the globe. This has helped to bring new revenue streams in which has partly been used to create the largest jackpot competitions for poker the world has ever seen.


If you are thinking about entering a high-stakes poker competition or simply want to take a seat at an online casino make sure you do not rush into anything. It can take a long time to become a master of this game, which is why practicing for free before you risk money is the wisest option. Make sure you check out the site is legit before buying chips and try to get recommendations from friends for the apps you should be playing on.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor