Why They are Still so Popular



Most of us love the atmosphere of a casino, the thrill and the anticipation draw us to brick-and-mortar venues and also online, and although most of us have our own “preferred” game of luck, chance or skill, there are not many that do not enjoy playing on the slot machines once in a while.

Slot machines are still the most popular form of gambling and ever since the progressive jackpots were invented back in the 1980s, many players have been trying to hit that elusive prize pot that could change the way they’d live their life forever.

Set aside some of your bankroll specifically for playing these games where typically about 1 percent of every wager made is put aside into the prize pot, which means that the more people that play, the bigger and faster that prize pot will grow.

This means that today that there can be hundreds or even thousands of people playing the same progressive jackpot slot across the world at any one time, and many people have won some pretty amazing amounts whilst joining in the fun.

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There have been so many progressive jackpot winners online which means that a full list would be pages long and pretty boring reading if your name is not on the list but some of the largest wins include a man from Stockholm who grabbed himself 4.1 million just before Christmas 2013 playing the Arabian Nights game.

Another lucky player who lives in Finland went one step better winning 5.5 million on the ever-popular Mega Moolah, while a player from Oxfordshire in the UK won an amazing 5.8 million whilst enjoying the Dark Knight Rises.
All those wins are fantastic but none match the 11.7 million pay-out or the 17.8 million win by another Finish player who is reported to have bid just 25c which triggered the bonus game that ended up rewarding them with the biggest progressive jackpot.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor