5 New Ways To Impress Your Friends



Now and then, it’s fun to surprise people! By doing something that’s out of character or revealing some element of yourself that no one knew about, you’ll keep people guessing of what you’re truly capable. Impressing your friends like this can be especially significant in the lead up to a big event; a wedding, birthday or other noteworthy celebration, for example.

If you’re tempted to impress or surprise your friends in the coming months, below are five fun ways you can do it.

Beat them at Texas Hold‘Em
Why not suggest that at your next social gathering to throw a casino night, and make it sound innocent and casual, for now. However, in the coming weeks, familiarize yourself with the live casino guides at Unibet, and learn how to dominate during Blackjack, Roulette, Hold’Em and 3 Card Poker. Of course, you don’t have to take their money. The satisfaction of impressing them with your newfound casino skills will be payment enough.

Cook a memorable dinner
Have you always been associated more with pizza and takeout than with well-prepared three-course meals? If so, learning to cook, and putting on a dinner party for your friends is a fantastic way to surprise and impress them all. On top of this, you’ll also be learning new skills to make your own diet and lifestyle healthier. Chuck out those takeout menus and fill your fridge up with delicious fresh produce.

Give yourself a makeover
How long ago did you buy yourself a new outfit, or get your hair re-styled? If you’re in a rut with your personal image, what better way to blow everyone’s minds than turning up completely out of the blue with a whole new look? You can find plenty of websites and tools online to help you work out what hairstyle would suit your face shape, and which clothes will best suit your body.

Improve your General Knowledge
Is there anything more impressive than a person who knows something about everything? Whether you’re competing in an organized quiz, or just engrossed in stimulating conversation, having a good level of general knowledge is a fantastic personal attribute. Find yourself some easy-to-understand books (history, geography, literature, politics, the list is endless!) and start dropping some interesting facts into conversation with your friends. They are sure to be amazed!

Show off your artistic skills
Perhaps you showed some creative talent as a child, perhaps not. Either way, it’s never too late to connect with your inner artist. It may be your skills lie in painting, sculpture, drawing, street art, making clothes or writing stories. Enroll yourself on a short course at your local art school or community college, to start bringing that latent talent to the fore. You may be as equally impressed with yourself, as your friends will be, when they see what you’ve been doing!

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor