The Most Popular Games Played in Casinos around the World


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Casinos have proven to be a popular form of entertainment for many decades, with several land-based casinos enjoying a significant footfall of players from all over the world. The glitz, the glamour, the show and massive fortunes for a lucky few, all have contributed to the rising popularity of casinos at the global stage. At the turn of the century, online casinos began to gain prominence among the gambling crowd, as it allowed more people to enjoy casino games in both their traditional, as well as modern avatar.

There are many variations of casino games offered by online and land-based casinos. Movies and pop culture also had a massive hand in sensualising the different versions of the game, which resulted in some casino games achieving a cult-like status. Nevertheless, here are some of the most popular games that are played in casinos from around the globe, but not in any particular order or ranking.

Poker is perhaps the most recognizable game in a casino that requires a combination of skill, knowledge, experience and a perfect ability to ‘read’ other players. Poker has been featured prominently in several high-profile movies, alongside several poker tournaments where the ultimate prize pot consistently runs into eight or nine-figure payouts. According to recent statistics, poker is the third-most popular casino game in the United States, but its world-wide appeal makes it the most preferred casino game among professional gamblers who wish to compete against other players, rather than against the house. Poker is available in different forms and variations, with tables usually accommodating anywhere from two to ten players for a standard game.

Baccarat has seen a rapid rise in the number of players in recent years, as it is easily one of the best games in a casino with the lowest house edge. With a house edge as little as just more than 1 percent for the banker and player bets, it is easy to see why players prefer baccarat over other games in a casino. If you are new to baccarat or looking for some winning strategies to stay on top of your game, offers a fantastic collection of articles, resources, casino reviews, and bonuses to help you learn the ropes. Baccarat can deliver a highly enjoyable gaming experience, especially if you are looking for the best odds to win against the house.

Roulette does not need any introductions, as the game is a mainstay in all casinos worldwide. The spin of a wheel has created a notorious image for yielding massive fortunes for a lucky few, while some casinos have reported it to be the second-most played game in their entire industry. Roulette is a game of chance, but players have been using various betting strategies to overcome the house edge. The payout and success rate can vary from player to player; however, roulette is perhaps the only game where the spin of a wheel creates excitement, anxiety, and a loss of words that can captivate players and audience during the entire gameplay.

Blackjack is hands-down the most popular casino game under the table/cards category, and that too by a fair margin. Blackjack is renowned for its low house-edge, where players are expected to follow a basic strategy to win consistently. Blackjack has been covered in detail by various popular and successful movies, where professional players with exceptional mathematical abilities have attempted to take the house down with fool-proof winning strategies. The amount of skill and expertise required to play blackjack has resulted in a high number of academically inclined players attempting to beat the house on a periodic basis. Therefore, if you believe that you have the qualities that are required to win at blackjack, or even if you are looking to have some fun, a local land-based casino or a web-based operator can provide you with an amazing blackjack platform.

Looking for the most happening table in a casino? Look no further than your nearest craps table, where you will find a group of players cheering on the ‘shooter’ to land a combined ‘7’ or ‘11’ on a pair of dice. The throw of dice and the actual result can result in a peak of excitement at the craps table, but the basic concept is that you win as a team and lose as a team. Although you can place individual side bets, craps are generally preferred by players in groups, as it can be an excellent opportunity to socialize and make new friends. A craps table can host up to 20 players, and is usually the busiest table in a casino, next to roulette and blackjack. Despite the high energy and participation, craps are the least popular among all the leading casino game options, which may be because of the higher house-edge and the complexity of the odds.

Slot machines are by far the most popular games in a casino, with close to 50 percent of casino visitors heading straight to their favorite slot machines to win the massive jackpot on offer. Online slots are also favored by online gamers, as modern-day slots are capable of offering a high seven to eight-figure payouts. Slots do not have any strategies or betting patterns per se, but the low wagering limits and high payout potential can keep gamers up for hours on end. When managed well, slots can be a lot of fun and pay massive dividends, especially those that offer smaller, yet handsome payouts for partial pay lines.

Choosing the Right Casino
The choice of an online or local land-based casino is entirely up to the player’s preferences. Some may find an online casino to be more convenient, while others prefer the live setting offered by a brick-and-mortar establishment. Regardless of your choice, almost all companies in the casino industry offer all the games mentioned above, along with several other games and variations, to provide players with fun casino experience.

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Guest Contributor