How to Qualify for the 2019 World Series of Poker



If the 2019 World Series of Poker is anything like it was back in 2017, poker players looking forward to watching the outcome are in for an exciting show. Scott Blumstein from New Jersey shocked the world by winning his first World Series tournament, walking away with $8,150,000. During the biggest event in the poker realm, Scott proved his skill by coming in as chip leader in the final round.

Needless to say, as a first-time WSOP entrant, many didn’t think he would be the one walking away with the title. Being an online poker player, the young man accumulated total career winnings of $150,000 and even though it remains a hefty amount, it’s nothing in comparison to what he walked away with after winning the title of the WSOP tournament.

This miraculous, or rather, lucky occurrence has inspired online many players to find out how they can qualify for the next World Series of Poker, holding the flame of Scott Blumstein in their sights as he too was merely an online player who finally took a leap of faith and it certainly paid off.

Luckily there are a few available options for poker enthusiasts looking to qualify for the next WSOP in 2019. Looking at some of these options, players can choose one best suited to their needs, bankroll and level of motivation.

Usually the buy-in fee is a steep price of $10,000. But not every poker player can afford the ticket cost and so there are other means of entering one of the most popular poker events of the year. One of them is commonly known as satellites or mega satellite. This is known as a lower cost option for players hoping to win a seat in the biggest tournament of the year. Players will partake or buy into satellite Poker games, competing for the seat in the big buy-in tournament. Satellites are held at local casinos, card rooms and online, allowing all players a fair chance of qualifying for the WSOP.

Card Rooms
Also known as local card rooms, some of these have been known to offer tournaments or other qualifying events to players looking for a seat at the table. Players looking to represent their hometown in the final of the World Series of Poker would need to consult their local card room to find out whether or not their plans involve creating satellite events entering into the main WSOP event.

Online Poker Casino Sites
Possibly the most popular means of entering the WSOP would be playing at online poker sites supporting entrance into the biggest event in poker. Renowned casino sites, usually the biggest online casinos, will provide satellite Poker events for their members to compete in, awarding the winner with a seat to the tournament.

Casino Tours
Players are able to qualify to compete in the WSOP through tours that have been set up specifically for winners to partake in the World Series. All across the States are locations where events are being held. Players will need to buy into these tours and the casino hosting the competition is contacted for the event details.

Although unlikely and unconventional, some casino companies buy a seat and put the ticket up for promotional purposes for one lucky winner to claim. Winning this would depend on where the player could find such a promotion and require some patience as there is usually a draw closer to the time of the actual event. One of the main reasons players don’t usually rely on promotional deals but wonderful for the player who wins it.

WSOP Organized Events
The World Series of Poker hosts exclusive events each month leading up to the actual main event. The WSOP website divulges all information pertaining to the event for enthusiasts to follow. This site is also the best place to find accurate information as well as trusted online casinos to play satellites in order to qualify and win one of the biggest pots of the year.

To qualify for the World Series of Poker and to make your name in poker news and history, make sure you qualify through one of the many channels available to you.

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