Tips On How To Become An Elite Poker Player



There is always a standard way of improving your poker skills. This could be anything from watching videos to reading poker books to contributing to poker forums by asking a question or two. While these are all great and proven methods, you have to up the ante in order to become an elite player. Basically, you will have to exert an extra effort trying to go outside the realm of the popular knowledge about the game.

Always Think About Ranges
In case you did not know, spotting the major difference between an average poker player and an elite one is very simple. It is all about how he can think about what his opponent has. According to New Jersey Online Casinos, an average player’s move is to try and put someone on a certain hand. But for an advanced or elite player, it is totally different. His goal is to think in terms of ranges.

A range basically refers to the entire spectrum of hands someone can possess in a certain situation. For instance, Player A could have a complete air-ball bluff. However, it is also possible that he could have the likes of a flush, middle pair, and top pair, just to name a few. A good player is someone who can essentially understand that the said player can show up with this entire range of hands, though it could come with various frequencies. Your goal is to always think about your opponent’s range. Remember: No one in this world has a specific hand when it comes to poker – they only have nothing but a range.

Ditch That Favorite Hand Of Yours
Like other people, you, too, have a favorite hand. While it is totally okay to maintain a favorite hand, it is ideal to stop giving it preferential treatment. Meaning, you must try not to use it as your go-to hand all the time. What is even worse is that if you are used to it, most of your bad plays will be with it. Again, math and cold hard logic are essential when it comes to winning the game. It is not superstition like what most average players think.

Get A Coach
Seriously, this is very helpful. If you really want to become an elite poker player, you need a coach who has the same mentality and passion as an elite player. It is always good to have someone who will be there to guide you and call you out for every mistake you make. At the end of the day, you want someone who can mentor you and nourish your skills. While it is true that a good poker coach can make a huge difference, you must not spend tons of time and effort just to find the right one. Why? It is just a total waste of time. You just have to find a solid poker coach, not someone who is as talented as Phil Jackson in terms of basketball.

Know When To Fold Aces
Believe it or not, this is another difference between an average poker player and an elite poker player. This is where you need to learn the skill of folding an overpair. It is basically that sick feeling when you have a double ace and your opponent raises all in one turn. Obviously, your mind will tell you to make the so-called “crying call” and the opponent just turns the set over again.
Instead of doing so, why not try paying attention to the aforementioned feeling? Unlike an average player, a good poker player is someone who can easily ditch any emotional attachment to his pretty-looking hands. The former seems to marry to their kings or aces instead. Heck, it is even hard for them to let go even when they know and understand that they are beaten. That is a situation you do not want to be in.

Always Review Your Play
Think of poker as any sports like basketball or boxing. In order for you to understand where your mistake is or where you need to improve, you need to have the ability to review what happened. This is where you must practice reviewing your plays. Mind you, this is one of the easiest ways to get better at playing poker. By being able to review your plays, you gain the ability to pinpoint each mistake. And because of that, you are able to come up with a solution and make sure that these mistakes do not happen in the future again. Imagine playing any sport without the passion to review past sessions or games. Do you think you can improve, let alone be better the next time around?

Study Poker Videos Online
This is a no-brainer actually. Given today’s internet technology, it is easy to learn and understand the basics of poker. Even more so, this technology can give you access to millions of poker videos online. So, why not take advantage? Start by scouring videos online that you think can help you be better at poker. Watch and learn from these footages.

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