The Best Online Alternatives to Poker Playing


Ante Up The Best Online Alternatives to Poker Playing

Plenty of people love playing poker on the internet, while the arrival of online tables has opened up an exciting new world of earning possibilities. For example, there is the recent story of Dominik Nitsche, who has won close to £4 million in just a few months.

Yet, what if you sometimes want to play a different type of game? Fortunately, there are some interesting possibilities around that let you enjoy playing while aiming for a big prize.

Fast and Simple Blackjack
Anyone with a poker-playing background may think that blackjack is just a bit too simple for them. After all, this card game doesn’t require anywhere near the same level of tactics and strategy that is needed to be successful at poker.
Therefore, playing blackjack can be a way of relaxing with a fast and easy type of game. Trying to reach 21 without going over this magic figure can be a lot of fun if you want a break from the poker tables now and then. Of course, there are a few basic strategies that you can use in blackjack.

The total that you have in your hand and the dealer’s card on show let you work out whether to hit or stand. You also need to decide whether to increase or decrease your stake after each hand. It is also worth reading about how a group of MIT students beat the casinos.

Exciting Themed Slots
It is no secret that online video slots have been one of the huge success stories of recent years. These games are now enjoyed by players all over the world. The best internet casinos typically have hundreds of slots available.
This means that developers regularly bring out new games. These are often based on themes such as the latest movies, TV shows or pop stars. Many are bright and colourful and some are cutting edge, while others have more of a retro feel to them.

In terms of the prizes on offer, there are massive progressive jackpots that reach hundreds of thousands of pounds. At the time of the writing, the William Hill jackpots page shows prizes of over a million pounds for slots such as Monty Python’s Life of Brian, Funky Fruits and Beach Life.

Thrilling Video Poker
If you play poker online then you have probably heard of video poker at some point. Yet, you may not be completely sure what it involves. Is this the same as classic poker games or is there some sort of major difference that you need to know about?

Video poker is probably best seen as being a modern cross between poker and video slots. It is fast and thrilling like slots, but also uses traditional poker rules to determine what cards make up the best winning hands. As you would expect, hands such as a royal flush or a straight will give you a handsome win.
This is the sort of online game that it is very easy to get started on. No matter how experienced you are at poker, you can start playing video poker and aiming for some big wins right away. Popular variants include Jack or Better, Bonus
Poker and Deuces Wild.

There is no reason to believe that you can’t find a suitable alternative to poker. Whenever you fancy playing a different kind of game you can try out blackjack, slots or video poker to get a change of pace but without losing the chance to win money.

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