When Strategy is Essential



If you are one of the many who really enjoy the small-stakes online poker tournaments, you will know that not only are they fantastic fun but that they can be potentially lucrative, especially as they tend to attract a great many players.

For instance, PokerStars tournaments have a buy-in that can be as low as $1-$10 and, because of that, there will be thousands of players take to the virtual tables in the hope of turning their small investments into something far more meaningful.

It’s safe to say that most of those that buy-in are mainly recreational players, so the standard of play can be pretty dour, but don’t be misled as navigating your way through the crowds to become a winner isn’t the simplest of tasks.
Remember that most of the low buy-in, big-field tournaments take some time to complete, and can take as long as several hours so if you are entering one be prepared to play for a long time. Patience is always a good virtue and knowing that this stage could take some time can help you to adjust.
You will find that the variance in these small-stake poker tournaments is massive simply because there are so many people playing, and because a lot of those players are recreational you can find them calling your raises, with some stupid holdings, which all adds to the unpredictability of the outcome of your games.

Having an ample bankroll to fall back on when the going gets tough is necessary and in the region of 200-300 times of your average buy-in is a healthy amount to have on the side.

In these tournaments, it a wise and canny player that does not try to run a bluff as many of your opponents don’t give a damn what you have in your hand, they will only care about their own and they will want to get to a showdown as soon as possible, and then hopefully win. Keeping things simple is your best bet to success.

Don’t worry too much about revealing certain patterns of your play as you are unlikely to come up against the same players again when the field can be as big as 3,000 up to 10,000 others. Of course, when you find yourself playing against stronger opponents you will need to vary your bets and your action so they cannot read your play so easily, but when you are playing against less skilled players there is not so much a need to do this.

This type of action does not suit everyone and if you are one of those people who like to catch up with family and friends while enjoying some laughs and banter, then maybe heading off to a high-quality online bingo site where you can take part in a full range of classic bingo games as well as some entertaining variations would suit you more.

Online bingo has enjoyed a rejuvenation of sorts over the past few years and has become increasingly popular with younger players as the games transfer over perfectly to the smaller screens. This makes them easy to pick up and play whenever and wherever you choose. Sites like Swagbingo also offer their players a wide spectrum of casino and slots games if you fancy a change of pace.

Whatever your choice is in games, whether it’s small-stakes poker or online bingo, all is possible thanks to the technological advancements we have seen over the past few years, and long may it continue.

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