6 Different Types of Online Slot Games


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Online slot games have gone very far and evolved over time. They have beaten traditional casinos and the main reason for this is that they bring innovation and variety to the table. What’s even better is that you can find many free online slot machine games, as well as those where money bets are mandatory. Today we will cover the six most popular types of online slot games and tell you a little about them.

3 Bars
The 3 bar slots were created by looking at the classic ’80s Fruit Machine arcade slot games that were very popular all around the world. This is probably the simplest form of slots, no matter if we are talking about traditional ones or online slots. The game has three rows and three columns in which the symbols align. The only winning row, however, is the one in the middle and it is also referred to as the pay line.

The only difference is that you can find variations of these types of games where there are different winning combinations but everything else is pretty much the same. The game is quite simple, you bet money and spin the reels waiting for the right combination to land on the pay line to win money.

5 Bars
5 bar slots are the first upgrade of the classic slot games. It was the first step towards innovation and making slots different and more exciting to players. The basic three reels were upgraded with two more, giving a total of five reels to the game. Not only this, but the pay line was upgraded as now there are multiple pay lines that give more options for winning.

Still, players can choose whether they want to wager on a single pay line, which is in the middle like with old-school slots, or they can choose multiple pay lines, where their chances of winning increase but the wins are much smaller.
These changes have made the game a lot more interesting and gave players more options to choose how they want to play. They can develop their strategy and change things the way they see fit.

3D Slots
3D slots are proof that online slots keep going forward and that they are looking to find new, interesting, and exciting ways to create games for their players. 3D slots have taken the experience to another level, as they added 3D characters which add a new narrative to the game.

Game design has entered slot games as well and designers are coming up with creative solutions to keep the games interesting and give players amazing experience. Slot players can now find new symbols that move around and characters from TV shows, movies, and cartoons keeping them company while they play.

You can find a wide choice of free online slot machine games on Slotomania website.

Video Slots
Video slots are similar to five-reel slots and these kinds of slots can be found everywhere online. However, although these slots have five reels, they can have even more pay lines with their numbers going up to a total of 100. They have very detailed pay tables and players need to figure them out to find out what all of their potential winning options are and how to design their strategies.

Video slots have new extra features, such as scatter symbols and wilds, which adds another element to the gameplay and increases the potential chances of winning. They come with various superheroes and movie characters, which appear in cute scenes after getting winning spins. To find some of the best UK online slots, visit Simba Games website.

Social Slots
Social slots are one of the latest types of slots where players don’t gamble with real money but they compete with their friends and play games out of competition and pure fun. These games are tied to social media platforms, mostly on Facebook and they allow players to casually play whenever they want and pass the time in a fun way.

Players’ profiles are tied to their social media profiles and they can see how they fare against people from their friend list that play the same games. They also come with exciting animations, sounds and gamification, making them pure enjoyment.

Fruit Machine
Fruit machine slots are similar to the traditional slots, as they have the same look and pretty similar gameplay. They come with three reels or five reels but they will always have fruit symbols. Still, the designs, visuals, and sound effect are greatly improved, but just enough so that the games retain the old-school spirit of fruit machines.

After all, this is the point of fruit machine slots – they are designed for nostalgic, experienced players that enjoyed playing these kinds of games, only now they can do this online without having to go to a casino. They also bring new exciting bonus games and animations that make them better than they ever were. By downloading the Slotomania app you can even play these games on your mobile device!

These are the most popular online slots you can find, pick your favorite and enjoy your gaming experience!

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