Live Vs Online Poker, And the Benefits of Bonuses


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Online poker comes in two different forms – virtual poker run by random number generators or a live dealer game complete with real people and live video feeds. Both are great ways to get involved in poker from home and each have their own pros and cons attached.

Virtual poker games allow players to enjoy a rather more leisurely game. The game is played between the single player and the game programming itself with no input from anyone else. Players can therefore concentrate on their own strategy, learning new techniques and trying out different ways to play with no fear that other players will see what they are doing. With this in mind, virtual poker games are a great way to kick start an online poker career before moving on to the much more stressful and higher-staked games that come with the live dealer environment. Some casinos offer great bonuses alongside these types of games as well. This can include match deposit bonuses, which allow the player to essentially double their bankroll and can be used to play on this type of game. For more on this click here.

Live dealer poker on the other hand is a comprehensive immersion into the real casino world. A room or studio is set up to emulate that of a real casino. Video feeds are setup to transmit the feed in real time from the studio to the players. Those who join the game online can then interact directly with the dealer while all plays are made and can even converse with other players as well. This makes this type of game much more realistic in terms of the setting. These games are often fast-paced and have higher stake options as well.
Both types of online poker offer equal amounts of fun; it really is down to personal preference and what the player is looking to get out of the game for the final decision to be made.

Ante Up Magazine

Ante Up Magazine