Six common mistakes made by poker players


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Every poker player has a different strategy. Yet, some elements are observed in the play of almost all professional players. Naturally, if you want to build a strong poker strategy, you ought to take into account all common features included in the play of professional players. But there is another, more important thing you need to do if you want to become as good as professional poker players: you need to avoid mistakes.

There are thousands of articles on the topic of most common poker mistakes. Yet, professionals and non-professionals alike keep making the same mistakes over and over again. So, we have decided to make a short list with the most common poker mistakes. As you read below, it is important to be honest and realistic with yourself, think and correct your play if necessary.

1. Improper poker bankroll management

This is arguably the worst mistake poker players make. As you know, your poker bankroll is the amount of money you save for poker. This is not the money for bills or food, but simply the money you are ready to spend while playing poker.

However, many players and even professionals do not know how to manage their poker bankroll and, more often than not, such people end up losing all of their money (not just the money in their poker bankroll). Some players go too high stakes tables, losing money at a quicker pace. Others forget one essential rule—that the poker bankroll money is for poker exclusively—and end up using their poker money for all sorts of things.

Most commonly, players forget that their poker money are exclusively for poker and they end up using this money for other casino games, such as bingo, slots, roulette, or try their luck at blackjack casino sites. There is a reason why your poker money are called POKER money – you should not use it for anything but poker.

2. Obsessively defending blinds

Another common mistake done by poker players is passionately defending blinds. Many players fool themselves into thinking that their poker play is the greatest of all, allowing their egos to fool them into thinking that in order to play poker well, a player has to defend their blinds. It is important to take into consideration that if you always defend your blinds while holding a weak hand, you will substantially decrease the amount of money stashed in your poker bankroll.

Instead, you can fold weak hands. In fact, this will give you some upsides. First of all, you will save chips that would have been wasted otherwise. Secondly, you will motivate your opponents to keep trying to rob you of your money, but they will also lower their “stealing standards” because you would have shown that you are a serious player. And when you have a good hand, you will surprise them by playing back.

3. Participating in games you can not afford

Third in our list of the worst mistakes poker players make is not playing on your level. The moment you take part in a poker game which you can not afford, you risk losing more money from your bankroll. While this mistakes is characteristic for beginners, cases where professional players have taken part in a game they can not afford are not unheard of.

4. Not being flexible enough

It is essential to learn how to be flexible in your play. Being able to move up and down to an appropriate stake level is essential for a good poker play. Because if you find yourself on the wrong level, you will end up losing all of your money. Always make sure that you act in accordance with your bankroll. Do not be too bold, it will only result in a loss of money.

5. Playing Drunk

Many people are easily lured into drinking at casinos – after all, there are all sorts of free cocktails available. However, gambling and alcohol do not go hand in hand. Losing your concentration is the last thing you want when your money is at stake and, believe me, if you drink, you will lose your concentration. So, unless you want to lose your money, try to avoid drinking and playing at the same time. To put it more clear, there was a popular case where a drunk player lost £50,000. Be careful!

6. Not playing seriously

This regards mostly online poker gaming. Since many online casinos provide handsome bonuses and promotions for new clients, many players are fooled into playing poker less seriously. It is important to learn how to play poker seriously because bonuses are not infinite and, sooner or later, you will have to put your own money at stake.

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