How to Become a Winning Poker Player?



If you read this, you want to become a pro poker player. It’s pretty difficult, but still possible. However, only 10 percent of players can be long-term poker winners, according to poker experts’ statistics. What does it mean? It means, actually, that there are plenty of poker players who believe they are real poker professionals, but they are unfortunately not. In order not to overrate your skills and not to end up with empty hands, you should realize poker is a lifestyle and an exhausting sport.

Keep learning constantly
And essential part of becoming a great poker player is studying the game. You have to keep learning and researching constantly actually, even when you think you have learned everything you could. The reason is you can’t stand still in poker, this means you will be left behind in that game.

Read the relevant poker articles and news on Pokernews regularly, browse training sites, hire coaches, create the edges which would be profitable for you, etc.

Keep in mind that it’s necessary to understand the poker theory, which means realizing how the game itself works, its percentages, basic math and which decisions are the most profitable.

Remember that your aim is to maximize your wins and minimize your losses, according to David Sklansky, “The Theory of Poker” author.
Professional players can guarantee themselves great and juicy streams of income thanks to using the theoretically balanced ranges. However, most of those players calling themselves professionals cannot use the theories properly. Instead of it they simply invest money in the game hoping for the best.

The most important five things you should remember when playing poker are as follows:
– Know what cards you will play.
– Cover up your holdings
– Find the right game to play
– Make correctives for the opponents.
– Simplify major decisions.

Try to be realistic
As soon as you realized you are really a winning poker player, you have to decide what number of tournaments or hands you will have to play for matching your previous salary. And many people fail to do that.

Keep in mind that when you have a steady job you get salary monthly on the same date, and you’re most likely to be paid when being sick or on vacation. When being a poker player you should plan your schedule for those days you will not be able to play, for example when you are sick. Really, you have to think well if you can play enough hours weekly to afford giving up your job.

Believe that professional poker players do not wake up at noon and do not spend just two hours for a play and then enjoy their life to the fullest. Of course there are such players too, but they are surely not able to succeed. So, being a really winning and professional poker player means working hard on it. More info on playing poker you can find on Canada-Gambling.

Give it a try
In case you fulfilled all the necessary conditions stated above, you should organize a trial play and experience the game of online poker as a professional. For that purpose it’s recommended to take, let’s say, a one week holiday from your full-time job and to devote that week to playing poker only. Even if you have an unlucky week, you’ll get paid at work. It might be really difficult to find a motivation for playing poker within the whole week in a non-stop mode. You might also lose concentration after four hours of a constant play. After a range of losses you might not want to get out of your bed at 7 a.m. anymore. So, only giving it at least one week professional trial you may fully realize if you are ready to become a professional winning poker player.

Keep in mind also that it’s recommended to have a separate bank account for your poker career. It’s not good to dip into your poker bankroll for covering your bills and vice versa. The bankroll should be larger than the bankroll of a recreational player not to drop down in bets. This way it will be difficult to reach your monetary aims.

When you prepare for becoming a professional poker player, you should keep in mind that it should not be different from starting your own business as an entrepreneur. You should think of a capital to risk and be ready to lose it.

Act as a professional player
Despite of the freedom professional players get when playing, you should have a very professional attitude towards poker, as to your job. You might be surprised but most of the professional players are much disciplined. Thus, in order to become a real pro in poker, you should behave as a pro.

Don’t forget to control your emotions and don’t let your emotions take control over you! It might be pretty hard in poker, so you need lots of patience to master that skill.

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