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Long gone are the days when online slot machine games were only available for gamblers. Thanks to the efforts of game developers like Playtika, online slot games are available via social media. Better yet, these games are free to play and just as entertaining as one would find if playing in a real money land-based or online casino.

About Playtika
Founded in 2010, Playtika was bought by Caesars Interactive Entertainment Inc. (CIE) in 2011. Caesars made this purchase in order to increase the company’s presence in the online gaming market. The gem of the purchase was Playtika’s Slotomania game format, which featured more than 60 exciting online slot games that could be played for free via social media.

Playtika is generally considered to be the first company to introduce free-to-play casino style games to social networks. Many industry exports point to Playtika’s efforts as being a major contributor to the proliferation of casino games being made available for mobile devices.

In August 2016, Caesars Interactive cashed in on its investment when they sold its games development division to a group of Chinese investors for a whopping $4.4 billion. Under its new ownership, Playtika continues to develop and market online casino games available on their website www.caesarsgames.com and social media sites like Facebook.

About Online Slots
When it comes to online casino gaming, slots continue to rule as the most popular games. There are a lot of well-developed slot games that features brilliant visual effects, fun and exciting bonus games as well the opportunity to enjoy casino gaming without having to risk one’s financial resources.
The world of online casino gaming introduces some very interesting stats. Let’s take a look at what has been going on in the online casino gaming arena related to slots.

57% of all online casino gaming is done by women. This flies in the face of the stereotype that indicates men do most of the online gaming. When it comes to slots, women dominate the numbers as participants as men prefer to focus on table games, sports and horse racing.
For the most part, online and social media slots give the house a significant advantage, exceeding the statistical advantage the house gets from games like Craps, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and Roulette. The house’s advantage on slots usually comes in at about 2%-15% as compared to a minimum of .28% on Blackjack, 1.06% on Baccarat, 1.36% on Craps and 1.46% on Pai Gow Poker. Other casino games rank a little higher.
Slot games are rated based on the game’s “return to player” or RTP. Each online slot game is submitted to a licensed lab for fairness testing. After running thousands of simulated games, the testing lab is able to determine how much of each dollar wagered is going to be returned to the player over an extended period of play. Players can expect to see a game’s RTP in the range of 93%-96%. The higher the number, the better for the player.
Contrary to popular beliefs, there is no system available that will decrease the house’s advantage. Each spin is a separate random event. Likewise, there’s no need for the house to “fix” a slot game. They already have a significant advantage.
The best strategy for the player is to always bet the maximum amount available. There’s nothing more disappointing than landing the game’s primary jackpot and not receiving the maximum benefit.

For decades now, slots have entertained millions of people all over the world. Through social media, a new breed of slots player is being born. Instead of focusing on winning cash, this new breed of player is focused on the entertainment value derived from fun slot games.

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