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Online gaming in the United States has always been acceptable despite state law prohibition. The situation could be about to change for some. Pennsylvania has become the latest state to consider relaxing online gaming rules.

Financial pressure is now forcing some of the less wealthy states to look at online gaming in a different light. Faced with the prospect of spiraling state debt it could prove to be the only pain free option available in an uncertain financial climate.

After many years of legal debate, has the tide finally turned regarding online gaming in the United States, or shall we hold our breath and yet again be totally cynical when speaking about the state of online gaming in the United States?

The legalization of online gaming sites has long been at a stalemate. A handful of states have opened their gates to the industry in recent years but the majority seem resistant to change. California is a typical example.
California is state of around 40 million people and it has a massive potential market. With no intention of reforming gaming law, the future looks bleak for online gaming entrepreneurs. In California, the gaming lobby is essentially dead and buried. Now the big players are looking elsewhere, although at one point in the future surely California will have to re-think its strict out-look on online gaming.

Pennsylvania is the next best option. Pennsylvania has big money problems and balancing the budget will not be easy in the immediate future. Pennsylvania’s progressive lawmakers could see a relaxation of online gaming rules to be the quick fix needed to address their financial problems. It may prove to be the only pain-free option.

Neighboring state New Jersey raked in nearly $15 million in gaming revenue last year and the temptation to join forces may prove too much. Pennsylvania has a population of approximately 12 million people, which is marginally larger than New Jersey. The combined market could prove to be an extremely lucrative partnership. Before any plans are made, the lawmakers of Pennsylvania need to change their laws. That may not be as easy as it sounds. Meetings are scheduled to take place in the fall. There will be difficulties along the way but this is expected to happen. Then the hard bargaining can begin.
The major players are obviously taking great interest in how things are panning out in Pennsylvania and there is sure to be some deals done to be the first operators within the state, but once it is all finally sorted then the residents of Pennsylvania can be poised to enjoy some online gaming at high-end sites like Schmitts Casino Online, enjoying all the perks, bonuses and promotional offers legally, safely and securely.

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