The Different Kinds of Casino Bonuses – and Why You Should Take Advantage of Them Today


Ante Up The Different Kinds of Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are found in multitudes on the net and for good reason – it’s a very enjoyable pastime that makes the industry grow very quickly, and many companies are looking for their share of the profit. This is good news for the gamer, as many companies are offering great bonuses and other incentives to use their platforms, one of which is Planet 7 Australia, which is becoming more popular each day.

However, do they really give advantages to the gamer, or are they just ruses to hook the player and get more profit? There’s good news: the bonuses can indeed make a big difference. Here’s all about the different kinds of casino bonuses – and why you should take advantage of them today.

Your welcome bonus

It’s the online casino’s way of making you feel welcome. Just by signing up, you are often given a bonus. The company has, of course, its own motives – it wants you to play for a while to get used to the platform and the game – but it’s surely a great gift for you. You get to play extra time and with extra money for the mere act of signing up.

The periodic match

In order to encourage loyalty, casinos often offer periodic matches; meaning they give you a certain amount of funds based on what you yourself deposited – it’s another bonus that gives you extra playing time and extra fun. It’s not so different from the frequent flyer miles airlines offer; the more you wager within a certain time period, the more advantages you get in the long term.

Weekly and monthly bonuses

Often the sites and companies offer weekly and monthly bonuses. The goal is to encourage frequent visiting and more play activities. Again, these are bonuses you can take advantage of, getting more fun and more playtime for free.

The banking bonus

This is a bonus offered when you agree to have payments made or received by third parties – as often credit card companies may not always remit funds on time or as agreed upon. It may be worth it, but be wary of this.

Referring a friend

If you have a friend who signs up thanks to your recommendation, you may be entitled to a ‘refer a friend’ bonus.

As you can see, bonuses serve different platforms and various companies as well – for them it’s a great marketing scheme to get as many players as possible to sign up with them. There’s nothing surprising about that; they’re in it for the business, after all. But most bonuses serve the player just as well, so it would be silly for the player not to take advantage of those great gifts. It’s all about having fun, and these bonuses ensure that your fun is multiplied.

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