Online casino bonuses you should know about


Ante Up Online casino bonuses you should know about

If you’re someone who plays at online casinos often and loves a game of poker, you’d have noticed their blazing lights and how they constantly chase you on different platforms, in the form of display ads, to visit them again! How do you think these casinos drive old and new players to their platform, and make them stay?! They do it with the help of bonuses. We’re sure you must have heard about Bet365’s offer code, William Hill’s sign-up bonus or other similar offers! Let’s take you through some of the most-commonly offered casino bonuses that you should be aware of.

Welcome bonus
It’s a type of bonus that is offered to you when you visit an online casino and make an account deposit for the first time. Welcome bonus is by far the most commonly known bonus in the online casino circles, and is usually in the form of a percentage of the deposit amount (as long as you fulfill certain minimum requirements). For instance, if an online casino offers 100% welcome bonus for deposits of $50 and above, a $50 deposit made by you will put $100 into your account with that casino right away. Obviously, there’d be certain conditions put on withdrawals!

Monthly bonus
Online casinos regularly offer certain monthly bonuses to their regular players, usually in the form of percentages of reload amounts, so as to encourage them to continue playing. This type of bonus is highly popular in the online poker industry.

High roller bonus
This kind of bonus is normally offered to players who consistently spend large sums of money at online casinos. These are normally in huge sums themselves. However, as expected, there are certain minimum deposit requirements players must fulfill, in order to avail such high roller bonuses.

No deposit bonus
As evident from the name, you’re not required to make a deposit to avail this bonus! It’s a sort of free cash offered by the online casino! All you need to do is register a player account with the online casino and the bonus amount will get automatically transferred into your account with the casino. Please note, some online casinos may put the condition of account confirmation via email or through credit card verification, before awarding any such bonus.

Cashback bonus
Many online casinos refund a percentage of losses incurred by players in the form of cash back bonuses. This percentage may vary anywhere from 5% to 15%. In general, the more are your losses, the higher will be the cashback bonus. Although you may not wish for such a bonus, as it’s directly proportional to your losses, it may nevertheless seem like a highly-attractive proposition when you are on a losing streak!

Refer-a-friend bonus
As the name itself implies, refer-a-friend bonus is an incentive offered to casino players who invite or refer their friends to that particular platform. In most cases, it’s in the form of a cash bonus, usually $50, for each player that’s referred, through a referral link or some other way.

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