5 Poker Apps That Have Transformed the Gambling World



Gone are the days when gamblers only had casinos to visit. Every avenue of entertainment is now moved to phones and laptops, then how come poker can lag behind? Perhaps, this is the question that casino owners have thought upon and have worked on, too. The result is every poker game owner is now talking about poker apps and encouraging people to have them on their gadgets. If we think from a convenience perspective, a poker app can make your mobile phone a money-minting machine. No need to go out and wait for the holidays to visit the casino and give luck a chance. The luck comes looking for you every day with poker apps.

Apart from convenience, the poker apps are proving to be a great time pass. Like you watch movies on tablets, you can put wager using tablets. Also, you can have an updated record of what is happening around in the world of poker news. You get alerted for every move happening and such alerts allow you to make more cognitive choices and anticipate better results in return. While you are on the move, just log on to poker app, and by the time you reach your destination, you might have added a couple of bucks to your bank account. Nothing could get more exciting than this!

Moreover, everything is real on poker app. The bets, the money, the jackpot …
yes, everything happens for real and are sure to leave you euphoric. Just a word of caution, do not take games too seriously and have a control over spending. After all, it is for fun, so why make it a matter of life and death? Apps are designed to run on all kinds of operating systems and these are fully secured as developers guard them with end-to-end encryption. Easy access and 24-hour availability suit the requirements of professional bettors too, and they can leverage these benefits to generate profits like never before.

Having said this, picking an app is not so easy. A ton of garbage is available online in the name of poker app and these should be avoided at all costs. If you are in the habit of downloading any app that comes your way, abandon this habit of yours to safeguard your money as well as the phone. So, here are the top 5 poker apps that have made the world a smaller place for all professional and hobbyist pokers. All of these may be running on Android or iOS, or both. These poker apps are picked on the basis of security and easiness features and also on the ratings earned since their introduction.

• 888 Poker: This app is liked a lot because your bet has a value attached to it. Thus, you are not playing only for fun; there is some serious business happening along with entertainment. The unique feature of this poker game is an availability of virtual poker chips that give you a true casino feel. Moreover, you can indulge yourself into community playing and can call any player available online to play with you. So, more players, more chances of winning and unlimited fun – all this comes wrapped to you in 888 poker.

• Appeak poker: This app is with the smallest footprint. It is the cleanest app where virtual chips do not hog the screen too often. There is no coercive prompt appearing again and again to harass the player for buying virtual chips. This wins this app lot of respect among players around the world. The app is available to play within the seconds of booting up. The newest addition to its unique features is the availability of customized avatars.

• Jawfish Poker: When a poker legend himself sits down to create an app, you can understand the kind of finesse it would carry. Jawfish Poker is designed by none other than WPT Champion Phil Gordon and it has all the features one wishes to have in a poker app.

• Betfred Poker: Why to waste time in downloading when you can directly play the game from the mobile site? This unique feature makes Betfred Poker App a fascinating tool that attracts the newbies and the professional players. It is available for Android and iOS users.

• Politaire: A poker app having the flavor of Solitaire. This is an app with a very stylish interface and minimalist color scheme. It gives you a lesson on how to memorize hands if you have just started playing poker.

So, why to waste time in going to casinos and get stuck in issues like Smoking Ban or bullying nature of officials? Be the boss of your wishes and play poker as you want at the place and time of your choices with poker apps.

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