Convert Your Slots Bonuses Into Real Money



No matter where you live, you can play free slots for cash or valuable rewards. Between online casinos and free video slots gaming parlors, you can find free plays from which you could win real money, or grow points for special bonuses.

When you play online slots, you are looking for two kinds of bonuses: Those that give you free play, and those that give you shots at jackpots.

Thanks to a combination of lots of competition and relatively low overhead cost of operating a good online casino, most will give you free plays or no-deposit bonuses.

Those kinds of slots bonuses let you play with house money, and have a chance to win real cash. Free plays simply are a certain amount of free spins, until you exhaust your free plays.

You also might get a no-deposit bonus, which gives you a credit that might be worth $25 or more. With that bonus, you can play one or more games, until the credit is used up. Any cash left over is yours to continue gambling.

A third kind of bonus is a deposit multiplier. That requires you to deposit a minimum amount of cash into your gambling account. The casino then will multiply the value of your deposit.

That multiplier might be anywhere from doubling your deposit value, to many times its value. Then, you can gamble on the bonus money and keep whatever you win.

You could turn a $50 deposit into $250 worth of gaming credits, for example. Whatever you win from the wagers laid from that amount, you often can withdraw, because it started with your own cash deposit.

Another way to think of slots bonuses is to look at the in-game bonuses. Those are the ones that make the games much more exciting and lucrative.

With video slots and other games, you can get a shot at large jackpots, including progressive jackpots, with an in-game bonus. Those bonuses usually are triggered by a random number generator, so they happen purely by chance.

But, when you get a chance at a potentially large jackpot, the game becomes much more exciting. In the best cases, you can get a shot at winning a large progressive jackpot worth millions.

If you win the progressive jackpot, you could become rich.

If you don’t have legal online gambling where you live, you still could play free games for bonus points. Often times, those bonus points can be redeemed for valuable gifts and rewards at land-based casinos.

Those rewards might include a free stay and meals at a Las Vegas casino. So, it always pays to look for rewards when playing online slots – even free slots.

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