Can You Imagine The Biggest Powerball Jackpot?



Most lottery players are faithful to their pastime and tend to buy a ticket for every draw. However, even though they are as regular as they can be, most of them go through their lives without winning a single dime from the lottery.
Still, lotto enthusiasts are known to imagine the situation of actually winning the Powerball jackpot and cashing out the prize. And with the biggest $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot which hasn’t been toppled for more than a year, there is no saying what plans they’ve made in their head. Anyway, as easy as it might be to plan a financially secure, trouble-free future, people are often left in bewilderment when asked to imagine the record-breaking jackpot sum.

• Can You Imagine Being Richer Than An Entire Country?
There are a lot of by-factors which need to be considered when winning the $1.5 billion jackpot, but this is just an example of a situation that can put things in perspective. Even though you could be splitting the jackpot with several other winners and still have to pay your federal taxes, your jackpot could make you richer than several countries. As the GDP is a major indicator of a country’s prosperity, winning the biggest Powerball jackpot all by yourself is bound to make you richer than Samoa and Antigua at the very least.

• Can You Imagine Buying Dunkin’ Donuts For Every American Citizen?
That’s right. If history repeats itself and the Powerball jackpot reaches its record sum, you as a winner could easily be able to feed the entire US. At a price of about $9 per box and nearly $2 per coffee, everyone in America would be eating ‘from the palm of your hand’.

• Can You Imagine Paying 55.000 College Tuitions?
Considering the massive amounts of student debt which seem to follow most Americans throughout their lives, paying a single student’s college tuition is considered quite expensive. But when it comes to 55.000 tuitions, jackpot winners are as rich as it gets.

According to a recent research, a sole winner of this jackpot would be able to pay the college tuitions for nearly 55.000 students at the University of Connecticut, while approximately 31.000 students enroll per year.

• How About Every Possible Number Combination?

Every lottery player has wondered at one moment or another whether it would be better to stick to one specific number combination for a longer period of time. Just as well, they have tried to calculate the profits of buying virtually all number combinations.

When it comes to the Powerball lottery and its jackpot prize, you could say it’s that this option is a long shot. After all, covering all number combinations would force you to purchase a single lotto ticket per second for the next nine years.

• Can You Imagine The $1.5 Billion Jackpot?
People rarely get a chance to see a million dollars in the flesh, let alone a billion and a half. If you had the whole jackpot in single dollar bills, you could cover over 3,200 football fields. Just some food for thought.

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