Online Poker changing the face of online gaming in India



Online gaming has witnessed a huge growth in last few years in India and now there are so many gaming websites offering a variety of online games. The craze of online gaming has touched new heights and now there is no looking back.

There are varieties of games which one may choose to play online. In recent years, poker has emerged as a popular game in India, too. The poker industry is estimated to be around $120 million and it is growing at a great pace. There are many popular gaming websites that are contributing to the increasing craze of poker in India. Recently, there was a World Poker Tour organized that was a great success and captured the attention of the masses. With this increasing popularity, India is touted to be the next big market for poker, which is why new websites are coming up to attract avid gamers.

Although there are many reasons that are fueling the growth of poker in India, the most important reason is the prize money. This is definitely one of the most attractive and lucrative part of playing poker. Poker players look at poker as an investment if they are playing for real money. This is the reason these professional and experienced poker players invest their money on different poker tournaments where there is big prize money to be won. Big poker tournaments such as Deltin Poker Tournament is a big hit and is able to pull more players to join the poker tournament club and thus adding to the bigger prize pool.

Poker games online in India offer you a variety of games online and offline. A variety of tournaments that offer great bonuses and free giveaways are great attractions for players as well as build more excitement around the game. Different tournament varieties such as High Roller, Super High Roller, Deep Stack Turbo, Super Deep Stack Turbo, Monster Stack, 6 Handed Turbo without Antes, PLO 6-Max, Heads-up Championship, Hyper-Turbo, Shootout, Team, and Greed event are the ones which offer players great options. In addition to this, poker players also get a chance to participate in international poker competitions and pit their wits against the best. There are many popular gaming websites that offer a chance to qualify and sponsor some players to participate in international poker tournaments and make it big for them.

In the coming age, online poker will touch new heights of popularity so there’s no better time than now to get onto the craze of poker!

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