Brenda Holdman wins Tidal Wave Main Event aboard Ante Up Poker Cruise



Brenda Holdman of Destin, Fla., was the chipleader when a three-way deal was reached to end the Tidal Wave Main Event aboard Ante Up Poker Cruises’ Dec. 15 sailing.

The event officially had 21 entries, but dozens more played in daily single-table tournaments, where they could accumulate up to three stacks of chips to play with in the championship.

Mireya Danford of Tampa, Fla., won the $20 no-limit hold’em with rebuys event.

MAIN EVENT – $300 No-Limit Hold’em (with $75 qualifiers)
21 entries, $3,870 prize pool

1. Brenda Holdman, Destin, Fla., $1,935
2. Linda Rand, Tampa, Fla., $1,160
3. Chris Ooley, Tampa, Fla., $775

EVENT #1 – $20 No-Limit Hold’em with Rebuys
45 entries (85 rebuys), $2,080

1. Mireya Danford, Tampa, Fla., $625
2. Chuck Yates, Tampa, Fla., $520
3. Bruce Berarducci, Seminole, Fla., $415
4. Bob Luria, Cleveland, Ohio, $310
5. Bob Duby, Tampa, Fla., $210

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