Day 1A leaders for AUPT at Palm Beach



Here are the Day 1A players advancing to Day 2 of the Ante Up Poker Tour Main Event at Palm Beach Kennel Club in West Palm Beach, Fla.

Day 2 begins at 1 p.m. on Sunday (Dec. 14).

Don’t forget there still is time to qualify for Day 2 as Day 1C is Saturday (Dec. 13) at noon. The winner of the main event will appear on the cover of Ante Up’s February issue and wins a $1,675 seat to the Ante Up World Championship a Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Lincoln, Calif.

Ante Up Poker Tour Main Event

$100K guarantee • $575 buy-in

Day 1A chipleaders

Scott Cadmus, 244,000
Joe Casella, 226,100
Dave Maddox, 177,900
Jeff McGinty, 137,900
Robert Petrekin, 120,300
Gary Chapin, 102,000
Stan Mika, 88,700
Peter Cohan, 81,800
Mitchell Smith, 78,400
Brian Butler, 71,100
Jeff Green, 25,200
Anthony Accaputo, 24,300
Total Chips: 1,377,700
Avg Stack: 114,808

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