Bryan Devonshire wins Ante Up Poker Cruise Main Event



Bryan Devonshire of Frisco, Colo., was the champion of the Main Event aboard the Ante Up Poker Cruise Oct. 19-26 out of Galveston, Texas.

Devonshire earned $2,250 for the victory in the $65 Ante Up Poker Tour tournament, which featured a new format with 139 entrants. Called "The Tidal Wave," the tournament began as six-handed single-table tournaments. The top two players advanced to Day 2, and players could advance up to five times, combining all of their stacks into one stack for Day 2. Players who advanced more than five stacks were paid $150 from the prize pool for their smallest stacks.

Anthony Ciorciari of Henderson, Nev., was runner-up in the Main Event, but won Event #1 ($20 no-limit hold’em with rebuys) and finished third in Event #2.

Danny Wade of Kinder, La., won Event #2 ($100 no-limit hold’em with rebuys).

Ante Up Poker Cruises transforms the conference centers aboard regularly scheduled Royal Caribbean cruise ships into a professionally staffed and equipped poker room with cash games, tournaments, classes and an open-bar cocktail party.

Ante Up Poker Cruise
Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Seas
Galveston, Texas
MAIN EVENT – Oct. 25
$65 buy-in, 139 entries, $6,375 prize pool

1. Bryan Devonshire, Frisco, Colo., $2,250
2. Anthony Ciorciari, Henderson, Nev., $1,640
3. Jack Petschl, Inner Grove Heights, Minn., $1,030
4. Emile Leon, Columbus, Ohio, $670
5. Mary Krutchten, Andover, Minn., $485

EVENT #1 – Oct. 20
$20 buy-in with $20 rebuys, 36 entries, 78 rebuys

1. Anthony Ciorciari, Henderson, Nev., $475
2. Theresa Leon, Columbus, Ohio, $380
3. Robert Miller, $340
4. Danny Scarborough, Leesville, La., $285
5. Akram Farhart, $190
6. Randi Lister, Royse City, Texas, $150

EVENT #2 – Oct. 21
$100 buy-in with $25 bounties, 46 entries

1. Danny Wade, Kinder, La., $970
2. John Somsky, Hugo, Minn., $710
3. Anthony Ciorciari, Henderson, Nev., $450
4. Bryan Devonshire, Frisco, Colo., $290
5. Owen Gazette, Little Rock, Ark., $210

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