Madsen among the early winners at Legends of Poker



The Legends of Poker series at the Bike is in full swing and hadn’t completed at press time. Event 1 had 568 players and was a special $75 Friends of the Bike tournament, where players had an optional $50 add-on. The prize pool was almost $50K and Virej Vartaneian ended up on the top of a six-way deal, where he earned first place and $7,970.

Barkev Grigorian and Paul Chauderson chopped in Event 2, the $200K guarantee deepstack. Chauderson took home $40,857, while Grigorian scored $55K and a seat in Day 2 of the $10K WPT Legends of Poker event.

The $25K guarantee deepstack (Event 3, $150) drew 376 players to nearly double the guarantee ($43,766) as 37 players made the money and Raul Pintos finished on top of a nine-way deal, taking home $5,111.

The $75K guarantee deepstack (Event 4) saw 333 entries for $96,903, and after a long Day 2, Ashton Holmes emerged victorious for $21,328. There was no chop, so Holmes earned the victory by beating Edison Shields, who took home $13,565.

Local pro Massoud Eskandari continued his winning streak this year by taking down Event 5. The prize pool of $39,690 was spread out among the final 17 players and Eskandari took home the most in a three-way chop ($5,020).

The Ladies International Poker Series and the Bicycle Casino partnered for Event 7 ($15K guaranteed ladies tournament). There were 82 players for the $200 event, which Lea Nehme won ($4,540).

Pavel Lerner took down Event 8 ($20K guarantee), which attracted 267 players for a $44,082 prize pool. Lerner earned $10K in a heads-up chop.

Popular pro Jeff Madsen was declared the winner of the HORSE event after a heads-up chop with Danny Cho. Madsen took home $5,445 from the $26,190 prize pool.

Event 10 ($25K guarantee deepstack) drew 113 players ($32,883 pool) but it was a chop at the end that saw Steven Mira and Marissa Daileg walk away with about $6,200 each.

I will have more results from the series next month.

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